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Many years ago, when our children were small, Mike and I went to his ex wife's house to pick his son up for a weekend visit. She said she had "something" to show us, in her basement. Well, that "something" turned out to be a beautiful mixed puppy. She had found him wandering alone, along a busy road, and brought him home. She was unable to keep him and asked if we knew of a good home for him. She was calling him Buster.

Mike's parent's little doggie had just gone to Rainbow Bridge; and, we knew that they would welcome this pup into their home. Unfortunately, after a couple of days in his new home, Buster escaped from their back yard and was never seen again.

About two weeks later, while they were out of town, we went over to their house, to check up on things; and, from across a field, we saw a critter dragging himself towards us. As we approached, we just couldn't believe that this was the same beautiful pup we had just seen, two weeks previous. He was nothing but a bag of bones; and, had a badly broken rear leg.

We scooped him up and took him to our vet, who declared that the break was about two weeks old and was trying to heal improperly. He operated on the leg, and put a pin in to set it. This, however, did not work; and the leg continued to heal crookedly. Throughout his entire life, Buster walked on that leg, as if he were "marching"; but, when he was in a hurry, he just picked it up and ran on three legs.

From this point on, he became our dog. The vet confirmed our suspicions that he was at least part wolf, and several other things. We never found out where he came from, or if this was the result of intentional breeding; but, he was the best dog/wolf anyone could have ever asked for.

Buster loved to go to our body shop with us, so he rode, like a prince, on the velvet cushions of Pink Champagne and spent his days on his own sofa, in our office. Everybody else had to sit on the hard chairs, including our customers. The woman who drove the canteen truck, brought him a treat, every day, while the rest of us had to pay for our lunch!!

Buster was never fond of small children, other than our own two; but, he loved cats. Knowing he was clumsy, and at full size, a healthy 90 pounds, he was always careful not to step on or trip over one of our cats, especially the kittens.

This is Buster with Littlefoot, a feral kitty who took over our house and decided that Buster was "her" dog. She would make him stay in one position, while she napped in his arms; and, he never seemed to mind.

We are certain that Littlefoot still misses him.

Buster's health started to fail in l990, when he was 15 years old.

He also developed severe arthritis in his other rear leg. Our vet said it was a wonder that he didn't develop arthritis sooner, as that leg had to do the work of two, for his entire life. Sadly, Buster left us for Rainbow Bridge in l991, at the age of 16.

This is Buster with another of "his" cats, our beloved Mewpe. We take comfort in knowing that they are together at Rainbow Bridge, awaiting the rest of us.

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