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Hi, my name is Sara. Well, at least that's my name, now. I use to have another name; but, I don't seem to be able to remember it. I do remember thinking that nobody cared about me; because I had no place to live, and nothing to eat.

I was very hungry, when some nice humans found me. They took me home and gave me food; but, pretty soon, they took me somewhere else. I found out that this was the Vet Doctor; and, he "fixed" me and gave me some shots, and then put me in a cage. I was very scared.

Then I went to another house; but, not for long. Pretty soon I found myself in another cage, where humans would come and look at me.

There were other cats and kitties in cages; but, most of the humans would go right to the cages where the little kittens were. Some kittens even got to go to new homes. I was still in my cage, because I'm a year and a half old and no longer a kitten. I was starting to get use to the idea that nobody would take me home.

Then, one day, a man and woman came and were looking through the window, right into MY cage. I made myself look real cute. I even used the litterbox, while they were watching, so they would know I am a good girl. Then, I dipped my paw in my water bowl and washed my face. I saw the humans smiling at me.

Then, the most amazing thing happened. They walked right up to my cage, opened it up, and took me out. I cuddled right up in the lady human's lap. I was convinced that they would take me home; but, they left without me. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Two days later, the humans came back; but, I didn't get my hopes up too much. This time, though, they had a cat carrier; and, they put me in it! I didn't know what was going to happen to me, so I got really scared again, and started to cry. The humans talked softly to me and told me that they wanted to take me home, the first time they saw me; but, they had to be "approved" by the cage humans, first.

Home! I couldn't believe it. I was getting a real home. When we got there, I found out that I would have two big fursisters and a big furbrother. They didn't expect me, so they hissed; and, I ran into the closet, where I made myself a little bed out of my new Daddy's old bathrobe.

My new Mommy and Daddy came into the closet and talked to me and brought me some delicious food. I ate all the food; but, I really didn't feel very well. I was sneezing and coughing and even threw up. Mommy and Daddy decided to take me to their own Vet Doctor; but, when they put me back into the carrier, I thought they were taking me back to the cage. I cried all the way there; but, the Vet Doctor gave me some medicine; and, I got to go right back home!

After I started to feel better, I decided that I was going to stay here, and those big cats would just have to get use to me.....because this is MY home, too.

My Mommy wrote a poem before she met me; but, she told me it's my poem, now; so, I am going to share it with my friends.

How Did This Happen To Me?"

Where's my mommy, my daddy,
The children that use to play with me?

I remember a soft bed and lots of good food,
And toys and people that loved me.

It's cold out here; and, I'm tired and hungry
How did this happen to me?

Can anyone hear me crying...does anyone care?
Won't someone please take pity on me?

I don't need much...some warmth, some food, some kindness;
But, most of all, just someone to love me.

The big dogs, the noisy cars...I'm always so scared.
How did this happen to me?

~ Copyright 2001 by Ellie J. ~



(How Littlefoot, Bambi & KeeKee got their home, too)










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Copyright 2001 Cats & Pink Cadillacs
"How Did This Happen To Me" copyright 2001 by Ellie J.

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