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These are Littlefoot's, Bambi's and KeeKee's own stories, as seen through their beautiful eyes. I helped them with the spelling, and the typing. The rest is all theirs. So....Here goes! I hope that their stories will touch your heart, as they touched mine.

From the moment I was born, I knew I was destined to be Royalty. I was the smallest of my litter; but, I was definitely the 'boss"! Lucky for me my cat mom decided to go into the crawl space, under some nice humans' house, to have her kitties. The nice human lady fed my cat mom, and tried to get her to come inside the house; but, my cat mom was too independent for that - so there we stayed - in the crawl space. It was dark and damp down there; but, I had lots of spiders to terrorize!

One day, the nice human lady's mom and dad came over to visit, just as I was climbing out of the crawl space, to get some sunshine and fresh air. From the first moment of eye contact, we both knew! Nice human lady's mom picked me up and put me in the palm of the dad's hand. I felt so good and so secure there, that I went to sleep. I guess that's when the dad fell in love with me!

Next thing you now, I am saying bye to my cat mom and my brothers and sisters, and on my way home. And nice human lady's mom and dad are now my mom and dad, too.

And.....that's how I became the Queen of Dana Point!

I don't remember much before I was about 6 months old, except for being cold and wet and hungry all the time. I remember dogs chasing me, and big cats beating me up.

One night I crept into a backyard, hoping to find something to eat, when, out of nowhere, this huge cat started chasing me. I ran up a tree and hid. After the big cat finally left, I was too scared to climb back down. I hadn't realized how high up I had run! It was raining; and, I was so cold and hungry and scared, that I started to cry. Next thing I knew, there was a human climbing my tree. I knew I couldn't trust dogs and cats - and I had heard about the coyotes - but I wasn't sure about humans. I decided to trust this one, though, because as he got closer, I could see that he had whiskers. (humans call them beards)

He helped me down, and brought me into the nice warm house. Inside, was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen! She wrapped me in a towel and dried me off. Then she gave some delicious cat food and some leftover chicken. I ate for a long time! Then I got sleepy; and the beautiful lady carried me to the sofa, and let me sleep in her long, long blonde hair!

When I woke up, beautiful lady's mom and dad were there, visiting. Pretty soon, I found myself in a box - in a car - and getting very scared, again. The trip only lasted a few minutes, and then I found myself in another nice warm house, eating some more delicious cat food.

Pretty soon, I started sneezing - a lot - and I felt sick! In the morning, my new dad took me in another kind of box, in the car, to a place with a lot of interesting smells. The nice man, there, said that I was sick, but that he would fix me. I was also kind of beat up and some of my fur had fallen out! He said that he would fix all that, too - and he did.

Two days later, dad come to get me and bring me "home" (that was a new word for me). I immediately got into mom's lap......and that's where I have been for the last 8 years!

I was very little, but I still remember the dirty pet shop and the filthy cage I was in. I remember being very lonely without my cat mom and my brothers and sisters. I remember the bigger kitties in the cage, who wouldn't cuddle with me! I remember the mean man putting bowls of something in the cage, and the other kitties eating it; but, I didn't know how to eat - I just wanted my mom!

Then a nice man came in, saw me; and, knew i was too little to be there. He gave the mean man some money, took me out of the cage and put me in his pocket. The mean man gave the nice man a couple of cans of cat food and told him that is what I like to eat! So nice man took me home to nice lady and they gave me some food from the cans. I was very hungry; but, I still didn't know how to eat. Where was my mom? There were two big lady cats there; but, neither one was my mom - and they wouldn't feed me.

The humans were very worried, because I had no energy and slept on human man's shoulder all day. So they took me to the kitty doctor, who told them that I wasn't even three weeks old...that somebody must have "dumped me"; and, that I had malnutrition and parasites; but, he would try to fix me. Human lady bought me some kitty formula, that they fed me with a doll bottle, and some baby food that they fed me with a spoon. It still took a while to get my kitty energy back....I hadn't eaten in a long time! Pretty soon, I learned to lap the formula from a saucer. I ate the baby food, too, but I got it all over my face! I am two years old, now, and I still won't eat food out of a can. I only eat dry food and the chopped up turkey that mom gives us for a treat.

I have so much energy, now, that I had to teach mom how to play fetch. I would bring a toy over to her feet and play with it while I bit and clawed her ankles. She would get annoyed and toss the toy away from her.....but I would bring it back and start all over! This went on for weeks, until she finally figured out that I wanted her to toss it. Nowadays, she plays fetch with me on command - no matter what she is doing. I just drop a toy...she tosses it...I bring it back...etc., etc.

But dad is still my favorite human in the whole world. When I get sleepy, I go right to him for my cuddles. Oh yea - the lady cats. They don't like me very much. Do you think it's bcause I tried to get them to feed me when I was little? They have no sense of humor, so I just terrorize them. I guess that's how I became the Keek Monster!

Well, you just heard it from their own little mouths. We all hope that you will remember their stories, the next time you see a hungry stray, or an animal in trouble, and help the poor critter any way that you can. We all shudder to think what would have happened to these three wonderful kitties if they hadn't had any one to help them!

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