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Mews efuryone. In case mew duzn't recognozize me, I is KeeKee. Don'ts worry, I isn't gonna sing; but, I duz has a true story to tells mew dat happen one Halloween wen I wuz jes a little kitten.

It started out jes like effurry offur day. Even tho I was jes a kitty, I haffed my own routine. I eated my brefass and den started playing wiff my toys. Toys is furry impurrtant to me, as mew all noze; and, dat is why I is da toys managfur in my house. I picked up my fafurrite ball, wiff my teef and puts it in a big box. Den I wented and gots offur toys to puts in dere. I jumped in and batted dem around and jumped on dem and haffed a furry gud time.

By affurnoon, fings started getting weird. Small hoomins, dressed up like scary ghosts and witches and monsfurs and stuff started coming to our house and begging fur treats. I cud not belief wat I was seeing. My own meowmie wuz giffing dem stuff. I checked da furdigitator to makes shure she wuzn't giffing dem any of my turkeymeat!!

(Sara: Mews Rufus, I is getting scared. I is afraid a hoomins, offur den my meowmie and farfur. Will mew holds me, please?)

Purrty soon, I gotted bored wiff all dis and decided to takes a nap. When I waked up, sumfing seemed strange. At furst I couldn't quite put my paw on it; but, suddenly, I realized wat it wuz. My TOYS wuz all gone!!!

I aksed my sisfur, Littlefoot, if she taked my toys. She say "ewww, why I would wants mewr toys". I aksed Bambi if she taked my toys. She say "nope, I onliest takes mewr turkeymeat". Sara didn't liff here yet, so all dat was leff wuz to aks meowmie and farfur if dey had seed my toys. Dey say "no, KeeKee, where mew leff mewr toys?". I finked and finked and luked and luked; but, no toys, anywhere!

I wuz jess starting to panic, wen I spotted my fafurrite ball, undfur da table. I wuz so happy to see it; but, sumfing wasn't right. It haffed a FACE; and, it wuz opening it's mouf, like it wuz gonna talk to me! I started to gets scared, now. I backed away; and, as I did dat, I bumped into my feafur stick; and, it tried to jump on me!! Dese toys were MAD AT ME!!

I runned into da baffroom and shut da door; but, dere on da counter wuz a big stuffed moussie wiff a really mean luk on it's face. Out I runned, into da hall, where a hole group of toys was LUKING at me!!

Now I wuz so scared dat I needed a litterbox, furry badly. I runned to mine; but, gess wat wuz in dere.....more angry toys!!

I started to scream, cuz I node dey wuz getting ready to get me. I howled and screamed and howled sum more; but, nobody comed to help me. I wuz all alone wiff dese mean toys wiff scary faces, jess like da little hoomins dat were here begging treats. Den.....mew will nefur belief wat happen nex!!!

(Littlefoot: Well, it serfs him right fur belching in our faces alla time.
Bambi: Yeah, and fur alla time sniffing our butts!)

I wuz still screaming and howling and kicking my paws and hissing and efuryfing; and, I heared meowmie and farfur saying "KeeKee, wakes up. Mew is hafing a nitemare! KeeKee, wakes up!!!".

Is dis true? Wuz I still sleeping? Shud I opens my eyes? Finally, wiff meowmie and farfur petting me and saying nice fings, I gaffured up all my courage and opened my eyes. I could not belief wat I wuz seeing. All my toys wuz jess where I leff dem. None a dem haffed mean faces. None of dem wuz chasing me. I peeked aroun da corner; and, to my great relief, dere wuz nuffin in my litterbox but cat litter!! I almose knocked meowmie and farfur ofur as I runned to my litterbox.....jess in time!!

Now dat I is a growed up kitty, I noze dis wuz jes a dream; but, I alla time treat my toys nice, jes in case; and, on dat day, wen da little hoomins comes begging, I stays in da baffroom!!

Dis is my purrsent fur mew. Purrlease heps mewrownself; an' rememfur - Bees nice to mewr toys!!

Spookily mewrs, KeeKee.

Halloween costumes by Sue's Graphics

Story by KeeKee

All rights reserved. Copyright 2001 - 2005 Cats & Pink Cadillacs