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We hope you enjoyed our MEOWY CHRISMOUSE Adventure; and we wish you all a safe, warm and Happy Holiday Season!

Littlefoot: I hope mew get lots of great catnip!

Bambi: I hopes mew all get a lot of good fings to eat!

KeeKee: If mew get any toys mew duznt like, jes send dem to me. hehe

Chrismouse Presents For You!

We made dis one wiff our own little paws!!

And our meowmie made dis one!!
Purrlease take one wiff mew and purrvide a link back to so offur kitties can come and share our adventure!!

During this festive season, please don't forget all those animals in the shelters. Check your local shelter's "wish list" and share your own holiday joy with those less fortunate furbabies.

Wanna meet the REAL kitties who wrote this page? Mew can read all about us at OUR STORIES; and, if mew want to see how cute we are, check out our pics!



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Beautiful Christmas banner by Queen Bitsy and the Royal Artist.
Fank mew effur so much, Queen Bitsy!!

"Pets As Presents" graphic was created by Sue's Graphics
Thank you, Sue!