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Rufus: My sweet liddle Sara, mew luks eggcepshunally luffly todai.

Sara: Fank mew Rufus. I dresses up jess fur mew.....(shy smile)

Rufus: Sara, dere sumfing I has wants to aks mew fur a long many time; butt, I haffed to finks abowt it.

Sara: Mewsss my luff, wateffur cuds it bees?

Rufus: Wells, I wuds like mew er.... um... I wants mew Wat I means

Sara: Spits it out, Rufus!! Iffen it wat I fink, I has beed waits a long time to hears dis.

Rufus: Okays, okays, dis not eazy. I starts agin. My luffly Sara, I wuds be da happiess boy in all a catdom iffen mew wuds bees my wink wink. I purrmise dat I wills shares all my toyz an treets wiff mew; an, I wills purrteck mew frum KeeKee; an, I wills.........

Sara: STOPS!! Dats enuff, dats enuff!! YES!! I wills bee mewr wink wink. I wuz fink dat mew wuds neffur aks me!! I wuds has wated fur nine lifes iffen I haffed to.

Rufus: Oh mew mew mew!! I is so many happies!! I haff luffed mew furm da furse momen dat I effur seed mew.

Sara: Mewsss Rufus, I haff luffed mew furm da furse time I effur seed mew, too; butt, I has one kwestion.

Rufus: Of courses, my darlink, anyfing mew aks.

Sara: Wells, my luff, wat mew gonna do abouts.....mew noze, "Rufus' Gurlz"???

Rufus: Dat no purrblem at awl. I has giffed my liddle blak buk aways!!

Sara: Is mew cereal? Mew really giffed it aways.....Jess fur me?

Rufus: A courses I did. It onliest seemed appurpriate. Mew duzn't has no liddle blak buk, duz mew?

Sara: Oh, hehemew, dont's bee sillies. I has neffur effun make date wiff any offur boyz. I wuz safe myself fur mew.

Rufus: Leds goze tell our furriens.

Sara: Wates! I has one more kwestion. Affur we gets wedwinked, ken we adopp sum kittens?

Rufus: Mewsss, Sara!! I wuz fink da samest fing! We ken adopp many kittens.

Sara: Oh, Rufus, I bees da happiess gurl in da whole werld!! I bees wink wiff da catsomest, sweetess boy effur!!

Rufus: Now, let's goze tells our furriens

....and, that's just what they did. Queen Bitsy was kind enough to have a party in her lovely Rose Garden, in honor of Sara and Rufus's engagement.


Rufus and Sara dressed up as Joanie and Chachi and won this beautiful award in the BFCC/CLAW Costume Contest.



Kitty clothing by Rufus' meowmie, Sue, of Sue's Furry Family

All rights reserved Cats & Pink Cadillacs 2003.