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KeeKee Concedes The Election

I wish to fank all my loyal supporters, my furriends and family, my sisfurs, Littlefoot and Bambi, my beautifur wink wink, Mimi; and, most of all my meowmie and farfur fur allowing me dis chance to run fur Purrsident of da Mew Nited States. (And fur feeding me and purrlaying wiff me)

At dis time, I must sadly concede da 'lection to a hoomin, and purray dat he will be able to do as good a job as I would haf.

Once again, a purrfessional politician has been voted into an office dat would be betfur served by a kitty cat like me. I will nefur gif up, though. Da Democatic party is not ofur. I will be back!!! Dere will be toys in da Oval Office sum day!!

I do apologize to my supporters fur da scandal dat purrably cost me da election. If only dat Purrs & Stuff Reporter had not caught me in da baftub at LuvKittys catnip lounge, fings might haf been diffurent. At least my wink wink, Mimi, furgafe me, affur I bought her some flowers, dat she said were delicious. Dey mus haf been, cuz she ate dem all and nefur gafe me efun one!

Fur doze of mew dat did not read about da scandal, here is a copy of da article:

Purrrs & Stuff Article
October, 2000

CAMPAIGN SCANDAL! A Purrrs & Stuff reporter recently caught KeeKee in LuvKitty's Catnip Lounge, apparently having a very good time. Somehow, he and some other kitties ended up dressed up and in a bathtub!! When the reporter asked Keek about his "nip" habit, KeeKee swore that he "didn't inhale". Keek is hoping that this scandal will not hurt his Purrsidential Campaign. Photo below! Judge for yourself!

Once again, I fank mew all. Mebbe I wuznt ready to be da Purrsident. Mebbe I should run fur Govfurnor of Catifornia furst, and get some experience. But I will nefur giff up!! The DemoCATic party shall go on!!

KeeKee's Campaign Promises

I gotted TWO 'wards fur hiding Easfur bunnies, cuz I hided TWO a dem!


Fanks to On The Prowl and Tomzrule fur infiting me to hides bunnies!!

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