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KeeKee For Purrsident!

KeeKee has decided it was high time there was a geniune "First Cat" in the White House; and, he has recruited his two sisfurs as his running mates, on the DemoCATic ticket.

The tough, yet elegant and charming Littlefoot, will be his "Mice Purrsident; and, the cuddly, cozy Bambi, will serve as "Secretary of Da Food".

The following is an interview between KeeKee and an ace reporter from Purrrs & Stuff:

P & S: Mr. Keek, what qualifications do you have to offer, as a candidate for the Purrsidency?

KeeKee: I haf been da toyss manager since I was borned, four years ago.

P & S: And, what makes you think that Littlefoot would serve well as the Mice Purrsident?

KeeKee: Littlefoot is my big sisfur; and she's bofe mean and scary.
P & S: Well, that makes sense. Where did Bambi get the experience to be your Secretary of Da Food?

KeeKee: Haf mew efur seen my sisfur, Bambi? hehehe
P & S: Is there anything you would like to say to the public?

MEW!! I sure would!

If mew elects me as da new Purrsident of da Mew Nited States, I will do my furry best to see dat all hoomins learn da value of toys.

My sisfur, Bambi, will pass mew laws dat gif kitties the right to eat turkeymeat and KFC fur dinner, instead of cat food, if dey wants to.

She will also declare Lap Sitting to be the offurcial national pasttime.

My bossy sisfur, Littlefoot, will ofursee all da meeses wiff an iron paw.

She will also see make it mandatory that hoomins supply catnip on demand!

All kitties dat supports me will hereaffur be called "Sir" or "Madam" in dere homes, as it should be.

And, most impurrtant of all, we will proof once and fur all dat Cats Rule and D'gs Drool!!!

(Smaller banner below)

Purrlease help me become da next Purrsident of da Mew Nited States, by placing my banner on mewr page, wiff a link back to

All kitties ken be supportfurs. Mew do not haf to be a feline of da Mew Nited States.

Meet The Candidates

KeeKee, taking inventory of the toys, as one of his duties as Toys Manager.

Bambi, testing the quality of the turkeymeat, to be sure it's safe for public consumption.

Littlefoot, always on the alert for meeses!!


November 8, 2000
KeeKee thanks his supporters, and, sadly concedes the election.

Fank mew, Auntie Lynnda, fur making my luffly campaign banners. I hopes mew votes fur me :)

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