On this page you will meet some more of our sponsored furbabies. These babies are all up for adoption; and, hopefully, our sponsorship will only be necessary on a temporary basis, unlike Ozzie Bear, who is a permanent resident of Pet Action League. (See link below).

Please come back often, as this page will include updates on adoptions and new sponsored babies.

For a complete listing of cats and dogs that need your help, please visit Furr Angels.


Rhonda is a nine month old little girl who was rescued from the Naval shipyard in Chesapeake, Virginia, along with her two babies, by the Meower Power Feral Cat Coalition.

UPDATE: It is with great pleasure that we announce that Rhonda's two babies (see their picture near the bottom of this page) were adopted into forever homes on October 3, 2000.

Tornado is a nine week old mixed Persian kitty, living at the Pal Rescue in El Segundo, CA. His favorite thing to do, play, play!

Our Newest Sponsored Furbabies!

Tommy lives at the Pet Guards Shelter, located at:
950 Hardy Road Phone: 330/849.0635

He is ready for a permanent home. You can read more about Tommy at Furr Angels

This is Tommy, enjoying a catnip blanket that we sent to him. The next time you're in the store, buying toys for your own furbabies, please remember those in shelters, who have so little. They really appreciate every little thing they have; and, what's a few more toys in your shopping basket :).

Bruce is a very large, very sweet red tabby boy who is currently residing in a shelter in northern California and waiting for a forever home of his own.
Our dear friend, Sue, of Sue's Furry Family gave me the most wonderful birthday present ever by sponsoring Bruce in our name, on 7/11/02.
Bruce is also sponsored thru Furr Angels, where there are many more beautiful cats and dogs that need homes, toys, beds, blankets and sponsorship.

The gift that's as much fun to give as it is to receive.
Happy Birthday, Sue!!

Happy Birthday, Susan!!

Purrl is a very special 3 year old girl that currently resides in a shelter in Bakersfield, CA. She is looking for a home with an adult who will love her and that she, in return, can love. She would do best in a home without other animals, as she has been traumatized by dogs and other cats, in the past.

The sponsorship of Purrl was a wonderful Christmas present for Littlefoot, Bambi, KeeKee and Sara from the furry staff of Furr Angels, aka Zoe, Alexia, Aimee, Coltrane, Bailey, Crickett, Willow, Cottonball, Snoopy, Romeo and Brandy. Thank you SO much :).

These are Rhonda's babies, also rescued from the Chesapeake Shipyard. Click the graphic to read more about them.
Thank you, Dr. Dolittle for this beautiful plaque!


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