KeeKee's Car Album


Mews furriends! I jes wanted to shares sum picfurs of my and my buddies in da car dat Auntie Judy gafe me.

Dis is me! Mew purrably already heared about da time I drifed by Bitsy's Castle sooo fass, dat she finked I wuz a space alien...hehe. Mose da time, I a furry gud drifer; but, I was ascared dat Bitsy mite catches me and puts more pink dresses on me!!!


Dis me wiff my gud buddy Henry. We hafed to runs away to Mew York, affur Bitsy catched us spying on da Bitsy's Whackers gurls baseballs club. See, dere wuz dese two really big gurls dat sayd dey was Keekella and Henrietta; and, dey luked jes like me and Hen!! Doze wuz furry scary times.

Dis wud be me, Henry and Cheech. While me and Hen wuz on our way to Mew York, we stopped by Cheech house, hoping dat his furry nice meowmie wud feeds us, cuz we wuz running outta fude. It wuz Puffer's burfurday, so we gots lots to eat and efun sum burfurday cake. Den Cheech decide to comes wiff us to Mew York.

Well, we shure cudn't leafs our gud buddy Sammy behind, to deals wiff Bitsy all by hisself, so we maked one more stop and picked him up. So, dis is me, Henry, Cheech and Sammy, all on our way to Mew York, where we gonna hides out at Amos & Andy house.

Dis a picfur of me wiff Amos and Andy. Affur we gots to dere house, we jes wents out fur a little ride, so dey cud shows me wot dere neyborhud luks like.


Well, I gess mew ken figger dis one out. Dis all of us goings out on da town, in Mew York. We haffed so much fun; and, Amos and Andy meowmie feeded us real gud!!





Clicks here to sees wat happen wen myown sisfurs steeled myown car!

Dis picfur furm anofur trip I taked. Dis my gud buddy Jesse Cat. He furry shy and not gets out much; and, he was ascared to go to Mew York wiff us; so, I taked him fur a ride. We efun weared our matching baseballs caps fur dis trip.

All images courtesy of LuvKittys

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