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There are hundreds, possibly thousands of free gif and midi sites on the internet.

These are, in my opinion, the BEST!

All of the animation and music on my pages came from the sites listed below.

Just click on the banners to get there

But, don't forget to come back :-)

A huge selection of cat graphic sites. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist!

Thank you, Gail :)

Here you will find the most beautiful and unique vintage cat graphics you have ever seen!

Thank you, Diabella.

Here, you will find an enormous listing of graphics sites, page building help; and much, much more. If you are building pages, you need this site!!

Thank you, Gail

The beautiful custom designed banner and buttons that you have seen through out this site were designed by a truly gifted graphics designer. Just click the banner to see how you can have your own set made.

Thank you, Diabella. I have received many compliments on the set you made for me.

The largest selection of free gifs and backgrounds on the internet.

Thank you Draac

Great gifs in a well organized site. Excellent selection of signs and bars, and the best place for Valentine's Day.

Thank you Melissa

Very nice gifs. A fantastic selection of Holiday stuff!

Sadly, Lady Oh passed away on June 10, 2000. Her site will remain; but, she will be greatly missed.

This site gets bigger every time I visit. Of course my favorite part is the huge selection of cat images.

Thank you Cyberkittin

Excellent variety - everything from Rock to Country to Oldies to Broadway.

Thank you Kit.

This site has a fabulous selection of cat backgrounds, including tile sets and border sets. A must see for cat lovers!

Thank you Cats Eye View.

A great selection of cat images and backgrounds.....and the best collection of cat lines anywhere.

Thank you Cats and Kittens.

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