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Millions of bright-eyed, healthy cats and kittens are killed in pounds and shelters, every year, or left to die on the streets from starvation, diseases and injuries.

Will these kitties get a good home?

And What About This Precious Furbaby?

According to statistics, probably not.

Only about 10 per cent of the kittens born actually find a good home. Of the 4,000 or so kittens born, every day, only 400 will get a real chance to live.

There is only one solution....only one way to stop all this suffering!

We MUST spay or neuter our cats!
For every kitten we allow to be born, another kitten will die....sigh

Little Cat Lost

So Small am I...
So long the street;
So many wheels!
And quick stepping feet!

Alone am I,
No passer by
Listens or hears
My frightened cry;

Hoping, I wait...
Beside the gate...
I may be seen
Before I die...

So many people,
Fat doggies on leads...
Go rushing along...
But nobody heeds...

A small, lonely kitten
Who is dying for food...
For food and a friend
In a home that is Good


My sincerest thanks to Lynnda and Sharif's Sundown for allowing us to share this poem with you.

A Word On Euthanasia

(As seen through the eyes of a shelter worker)

Today a man brought in his female dog and her litter of six Shepherd cross pups right as the shelter closed. The puppies were judged to be between 2-3 weeks old and had yet to open their eyes. The vet tech examined each of the puppies carefully and determined that they were most probably sick and were severely dehydrated from being left in the hot sun with no adequate shelter. Evidently the owner of the dog was well known to the shelter staff and had been investigated in the past for animal abuse. Other dogs of his were also known to have Parvo. Because of the questionable health of these dog, the shelter manager, the vet tech and I had to make the ultimate decision to end the lives of these seven dogs rather than risk the health of the 50 other dogs housed at the shelter. The puppies were taken to the back room of the shelter. One by one, the vet tech injected the bright pink euthanasia solution into their abdomens. They would whimper a little as the shot was given. The shelter manager, vet tech and myself each held a dying puppy as their three littermates waited their turn on a bed of towels on the floor. As they died, they each would start licking, then their heads would loll back and they started breathing more shallow, until they stopped all together. I cradled two of these babies to my body, sobbing over them as they took their last breaths, reassuring them the whole time that they were going to a much better place. After the last puppy had died, the vet tech left the back room, returning shortly with the pups' mother. As she was given her shot, she was licking the tears off the face of the vet tech. In less than one minute, she lie dead on the floor beside her babies.

Author Unknown

It is estimated that a healthy shelter animal is euthanized every 1.5 seconds, due only to a lack of a home.
Please be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your animals.

Click this banner for a wealth of information on the care and welfare of feral cats.


Comprehensive listing of shelters and more.

Please Read Sam's Story

Some sad facts about irresponsible breeding

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For information on low cost spay/neuter clinics call:


Low Cost & Free Spay/Neuter
Listed by State, for the U.S.

(The furbabies and I thank Maxine and The BratCats for these life saving telephone numbers)

Click here for a no-kill animal shelter in your area.


Visit Sharif's Sundown
for more information on the importance of spay/neuter!
Thank you, Lynnda

Thank you, Nancy, for this wonderful award; and, thank you, Penny, for nominating us.
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