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Instructions and member rings list


The goal of "Rings For A Cause" is to draw more attention to the plight of animals. We do this by encouraging webmasters to create a webring for an animal cause. The criteria for entry into these newly created rings is as follows:

Sites do not have to be animal-related, but they should be "family-safe".

Sites depicting any type of hate, abuse, or pornography are not admitted.

Sites that promote declawing or are against spay/neuter are not admitted.

Sites created by breeders or sites which promote breeding are not admitted.

Sites which promote the selling of animals, puppy mills or catteries are not admitted.

If you are interested in becoming a ringmaster within "Rings For A Cause" please write to Ellie or Shell.


Adopt An Older Animal
Love Them, Don't Abuse Them
Put An End To Drop Bins
An Indoor Cat Is A Safe Cat
Declawing Hurts
Vaccinate Yearly
Say No To Factory Farming
Save Endangered Wildlife
Animal Welfare Education
Spay Neuter, It Just Makes Sense
Let Me Live
Feral & Proud
No More Downers
Born Free...Leave Us That Way
Adopt A Forgotten Shelter Animal
Cruelty Free Living = Peaceful Living
Sponsor A Shelter Animal
Stop The Slaughter Of Cats And Dogs In Korea
Bring A Stray Into Your Heart And Home
Say NO To Fur
Dog And Cat Rescue Ring
A Pet Is Forever - Not Just For The Holidays
Pets Are Not A Fad
Alley Cats Need Love Too
Free Pets To Good Homes
Protect Our Horses From Slaughter!
Hunting Hurts
Nobody's Perfect
Responsible Pet Owners
Be Part Of The Circle Of Rescue
Animal Rescue Ring
Save The Sharks


You must follow the criteria listed above.

You can decide how many days the sites can remain in queue, and add anything else to the criteria that you wish. Please do not discriminate against sites based on a certain religion, lifestyle, race, etc.

The rings can not be set up with Yahoo as a host.

We ask that anyone agreeing to create a ring has previous experience owning a webring and knows how to create and maintain a ring. We will not assist in creating your ring.

All ringmasters agree to support each other's causes by joining each other's rings.

All ringmasters must agree to set up a ring homepage for their newly created ring which would contain information about their chosen cause.


You must also set up a "Rings For A Cause Page" where you list the criteria and post the other members' rings.


You must use the "Rings For A Cause" button on your ring homepage, with a link to your "Rings For A Cause" Page.

We ask that ringmasters limit their submission of rings to no more than 3.

No duplication of causes will be considered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Ellie or Shell for help.