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Here's our lovely Jenny!
She likes to come in here and play with the other babies, and all the toys! I see she has a ball of yarn to play with.

So....let's see who else is here.

Shh...I think someone is hiding in here.
Maybe even two kitties are hiding!

Oh look, the twins are in here having some fun. Nobody knows where they came from. They arrived together, and have been best friends from the start. Let's see what they're doing.

They get a bit rowdy, sometimes; but, they are just playful!

Sassy plays very nicely
by herself.
We found her one night
while we were surfing the internet and she just followed us home!

And this is our Blossom. She wandered in one cold and rainy night and made herself at home!

Blossom likes to play with the other kitties; but, she never gets too far away from the food that I put in here for a little snack!

OK Kids - Time for your snack!

Oops, almost forgot about Ethel and Lucy. These two sisters look innocent enough; but, as soon as the lights go out, they chase each other all over the house!! They don't need toys......they have each other??

And, last, but certainly not least!! This is Rambo! Nobody has the heart to tell him he's not a tough guy....and the teddy bear will never tell!

Thank you to The Cat's Eye View for the Beautiful Background on this Page, and the Lovely Wallpaper in the Potty.

The toys on this page are courtesy of Jim's Pets, People and Places.