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Songs have been written and sung about them.......movies have been made about them......

...but until you actually experience the fun of driving one on a crowded freeway or a deserted beach road.....well, use your imagination.!!

We are not talking about just another Pink Cadillac - but of an inanimate family member!!!

Pink Champagne is a 1973 Eldorado Convertible, custom lacquer painted in "mountain laurel" (the same color as Elvis's first Cadillac) with red metalflake on the hood and rear deck, and silver metalflake accents. It has a pink and red velvet custom interior, and comes equipped with all the "goodies".It also boasts a 500 cid engine (8.2 litres metric), front wheel drive, and will climb mountains in the snow, better than most 4 wheel drive vehicles.

I have owned this car since 1976, when it was a mere "pup" of 3 years - and not yet the grand classic that it is now. So, kick back, put the top down, and let's go for a ride.....


No crowded freeways for us today.... It's the perfect day for a long drive along the southern coast of California, where Pink Champagne lives.

So......lean back into the soft velvet pillows, feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Listen to the music playing, or the powerful roar of the engine coming through the twin turbo exhaust mufflers. Watch the scenery, or lose yourself in your thoughts.

Inhale the ocean breeze, and watch the boats gently rocking in the waves as we sail along with them. See the surfers riding the big ones to shore, and swimming right back out in hopes of finding the perfect wave. I'll turn the stereo down, so you can hear the surf pounding the beach.

Did you see the look of pure pleasure on the face of that sailboarder?

Uh oh! I guess I was paying too much attention to the scenery, and ignoring the speedometer!! Looks like we're busted!!

Whew...good thing that officer likes old Cadillacs, or I never could have talked my way out of that one!

Hey, since we're already pulled over, why don't we just build a fire

and watch the sun set.

...I hope you enjoyed your cruise......come back soon.

Check out the real PINK CHAMPAGNE!!


Happiness is a soft warm ball of fur that loves you unconditionally

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(Pictures of my favorite Cadillacs!!)

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