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SHHH! The babies might be sleeping. These are my adopted critters. Want to meet them?

These are my first
two adoptees.
That's Dharma
on the left and
Greg on the right..

These two darlings came from the
adoption center, at Madame Alto's Cat House where you can adopt a kitty of your own!

Of course you have to
promise to give it
a good home
and take care of it!
Just click Dharma
and Gregs
birth certificate to
apply for a kitty!

This charming fellow is Mel
One look into those
big sad eyes, and
I was hooked!
And the kitties all
love him, too!

I found him at the "Doggies and Kitties and Froggies" adoption center, and just couldn't leave without him!

Just as Mel and I
were leaving
we spotted this cutie.
We call her Addie
(short for Adorable)
She is kind of big
for her age
but she is very well

I might even go back and adopt a froggie!!

This is a very
special baby. I would like you to
meet Precious,
the baby Dragon.
Dragons are very playful
and require a lot of

Precious loves this
Jack in the Box
You should hear her giggle
when Jack pops up!

And, maybe you didn't know this
but Dragons love
to chew gum
and can blow huge bubbles

Although Precious has
a crib of her own
you will seldom find her there....

for, as everyone knows
a Dragon must have
a cave of her own!
Sweet Dreams, Precious!

Wouldn't you like to have a baby Dragon of your own?

You can!
Just click Precious or
her birth certificate
to go to Sarina's Dragon Orphanage.
Sarina has many baby Dragons
that need good homes!

We have another baby we would like you to meet;
but, I don't see her right now.

We call her Jenny; but, her real name is Jennyanydots.

We found her at
Jim's Pets, People and Places,
where you can adopt
your own pet by
clicking Jenny's adoption certificate.

Hmmm..still no Jenny! I know......she must be in the BATHROOM.

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