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Hi, I'm Littlefoot....let me show mew around!

This is my sisfur, Bambi

She can do this for HOURS!!

How boring!

Those fish are too slow for me....

Hey, efurryone - here is my little brofur, KeeKee....

and he has lost his socks, AGAIN!!

WOW - I guess he found them...


GEE - Bambi went back to bed! I suppose all that fish watching can really wear a girl out, huh!

So....what should I do, now? I could run around with KeeKee, but that isn't furry lady like. I could go cuddle up with Bambi, but I'm not tired, yet....I know - I think I'll just slink around in the dark for awhile..

Well, we hope mewr days are filled with meows and purrs.

...and remember, happiness is a soft warm ball of fur that loves you unconditionally...

(We weren't always this have a home...please take a moment of your time and read OUR STORIESso we can each tell you how we were rescued from bad places.)

We hope you enjoyed the tour. There is a lot more to see here, so please check out the links below! You can even see us!!



Our New Sisfur, Sara!

Our Stories

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Wow! Surfing kitties, beach luaus, food and Fire Dances!! All kitties are invited to the BFCC Luau!!

Be sure to go to Amos & Andy's Hawaiian lessons and win a lei of your own!!!

Mew mew mew!! We went all the way to Denmark for Mille's Birthday weekend!

And we got to meet kitties from all over the world!! Thank mew, Mille. We had a great time!

Meow!! We went to Dog's Irish Pub and had so much fun! Click the graphic and join all the other kitties, eating, dancing and socializing!




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