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We are very proud to display the following very special awards. We hope that you will visit the wonderful websites that sent them to us.

We were absolutely thrilled to be featured as a "Two Paws Up" website at Furr Angels. If you love animals, you won't want to miss one page of this fantastic website.

Many thanks to Deborah and the furry staff of Furr Angels.

What a wonderful surprise it was, to find that we were nominated for this lovely award. It was presented to us by Ayzha's Attic, a truly beautiful website that every web surfer should visit. You will meet the furry family and be treated to gorgeous graphics, a great variety of interesting pages and so much more. We are truly honored to accept this award
Thank you, Fran; and, thank you, Shell, for nominating us :).

We are so deeply honored and proud to accept and display this Site of The Month award from Jacqlee, The Cat Lady. We hope that you will click the award and visit her wonderful site, where you will meet her furbabies and read their own and other heartwarming rescue stories. There are important animal rights issues, information on stray and feral cats, and some pages just for fun. If you are interested in helping to spread the word about animal welfare, we are sure that you will want to join one of more of The Cat Lady's webrings. Be sure to also visit the kitties' own site, "Just Be-Claws" and read their opinions on just about everything!
Thank you, so much, Jacqlee and and the Kitties!
(Jacqlee and the Kitties also prepared this wonderful page for us. Please click here to read it.)

We are most honored to be the very first recipient of this beautiful award, from a truly wonderful website. Click the award to visit The Litterbox, and treat yourself to hours of enjoyment in the form of cat pages, dog pages, touching memorials, humor, webtv help, graphics, html advice and much more.
Thank you, Gail!

This award comes from a wonderful website that is devoted to the care, safety and love of all animals. We are honored to accept it. Please visit The Animal Spirit, where you will find a wealth of information on the welfare of animals, along with ways that you can help protect or furry and feathered friends.
Thank you, Shell!!

I am seldom speechless; but, when I received this wonderful award and all that goes with it, I guess "the cat got my tongue". My sincerest thanks to the beautiful furry staff at Furr Angels and to their wonderful mommy, Deborah. I am truly honored.

We were both honored and surprised to receive this wonderful award, and the following message, from a woman who devotes herself to the love of all creatures of the earth. When you visit Rua and read her poetry, you will see that love in every word. Thank you, so much, my dear friend, both for the award and this lovely message.

".....Your tireless efforts on behalf of ALL animals (especially kitties) deserves special consideration and merit. I am pleased to offer you my Magical Site Award. The magic lives within you and in your stories. In your deep concern for the lives of all of Mother Earths creatures....."

What a wonderful surprise it was to receive this award from a woman who does so much to save the lives of abandoned kittens. Please click the award to visit Safe Haven For Cats, a site with a wealth of information and love. Then see how you can help!!
Thank you, Jeri.

We are extremely honored to display the Golden Wings Award from Furr Angels. This award is in recognition of our sponsorship of shelter furbabies, through the Furr Angels program. Please click this award to visit Furr Angels and see how you can help a shelter animal.
Our sincere thanks and belly rubs to Coltrane, Alexia, Aimee, Brandy, Petey, and Zoe, the Furr Angels Staff!

The award for helping strays is also from Furr Angels, a site dedicated to bringing about awareness of the plight of the homeless and shelter animals. All of our furbabies are former strays; and nobody could ask for more loving companions. Please remember this the next time you see a homeless animal in need.
More thanks and belly rubs to the furry staff at Furr Angels.

What a very special honor it is to receive this award from my dear friend, Liz, who's website, The Cat's Meow, is devoted to cats and the welfare of all animals. Please visit Liz and her beautiful "girls" and treat yourself to a real pleasure.

Thank you, Liz.

This wonderful award was presented to us by Love For Animals, where you will find the most up to date information on current animal rights issues, stories of rescues and so much more. Click the award if you would like to help make this world a better place for our furry friends.
Thank You, Shell

And, we were particularly honored to be given this award by Love For Animals, as the owner of this site does so much for the ferals her own community, and all the ferals of the world.
Thank you, so much, Shell

We are most honored to be chosen as Site of the Month, for June, 2000. Please click the award to visit SHARIF'S SUNDOWN, a website dedicated to the welfare of all animals on Earth and in Heaven. Thank you, Lynnda.

Proud to be a featured site in Net4TV Voice!

Meet Ginny, the amazing dog that rescues cats! We are very proud to display this award from Diabella Loves Cats. We hope you will click the award and read the wonderful stories of some of lucky cats this precious doggy has rescued along with "her human", Philip Gonzalez.
Thank you, Diane; and thank you, Ginny and Philip for all that you do for the kitties.

Thank you, Shirley and Shell!

We are so very happy to display this award from All Creatures Great and Small.
Please click the award to meet the finest and hardest working group of animal rights defenders that you will find anywhere in the world.
Thank you, Staici!

We were honored and overwhelmed to be chosen as Site of the Month, for September, 1999, by Diabella Loves Cats.
Click the award to visit one of the finest cat websites on the entire internet.
Thank you, Diane.

From my dear friend Ellie who is a blessing to all the animals of the world. I am truly humbled by these two wonderful awards. Visit Krazy Cat Magic and meet a true fighter for animal rights and the lucky animals that share her home and heart.
Thank you, Ellie

We were all so happy to receive these awards....but, KeeKee was the most excited! You see, they are from his wink-wink, the lovely and talented Mimi! You can meet Mimi, in her charming home, at TWO TUXEDO CATS(See Mimi's sister, Muffin's Memorial Award on Mewpe's Page)

Look at this face!
This little kitty was homeless, until Mimi's mommy adopted her and made her Mimi's little sister!
Thank you, Molly, for your beautiful award!

Another great honor presented to us from Diabella Loves Cats. Be sure to bookmark this site when you visit, as there is so much to see.

When you speak of "kindness to the innocents" you would have to include my friend MMEOW, who is tireless in the rescue of strays. I am honored to display her award; and, I recommend that you visit MMEOW'S PASSIONand read her stories of kindness to the innocents.

We are just tickled to be the very first recipient of Count Dracula's new award! See those eyes? (the furry Count, that is). Click the award to visit Count Dracula and see why he has his eyes narrowed!

What a lovely surprise from my dear friend Gail!

For a wonderful variety of cat stuff, humor, webtv help and much more, visit Gail and her furbabies at

This award is from a very special Little Girl, and the special woman who rescued her from the streets. Please click the award to read her heartwarming story.

This wonderful award means a lot to us, as it comes from Sharif's Sundown, a website devoted to the welfare of all animals on earth and in heaven.
Thank you, Lynnda

Aren't they precious? We are delighted to display this award for Kitty Lovers. Please click the award to see beautiful photos and read all about Mr. Chips.
Thank you, so much, Lynnda, for sharing this wonderful photo and creating this adorable award.

The following is not an award; but, rather a gift, that I am honored to display

I consider this a very special honor, as it comes from a very special person. Please click the graphic to visit a wonderful website, "Patches of My Heart".
Thank you, Rustyjo :)

of POD

September, l999

More awards can be viewed by going to our Awards Index page, and on various pages throughout this site.
We are very grateful for each and every one of them.