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The Declaration of Independence for Animals

July 4th,1998

We the Animals, Pets and Wildlife declare our right to a life free from abuse and the anger and hatred of Humans.
We declare our freedom from labratory testing, torture and unwanted litters. We have the God given right to go about peacefully in our daily lives. To Love and protect our humans in return for the same love and protection. We are entitled to Spaying and Neutering and regular vet visits. Clean water and fresh food and a bed to lay in. Our brothers and sisters in the wild deserve respect and freedom from those who enter it, knowing it is their home. Our Puppies and kittens. if they must be born, then it must be to a world where they know love, kindness, and attention.
We declare the right to demand that laws be written so as to protect us and our families. We are living, loving creatures who CAN feel pain and suffering. Who can rationalize. We are capable of love for one another and for Humans.
There must be NO More Scruffy's Noah's Ark, Olivia, Zig Zag, Immigration, Kodo, Nadas, Simons and all those who have suffered at the hands of evil humans and archaic laws. May they not have died in vane. We are imploring our Human Friends to help win this Independence and freedom for us. For those who would abuse and kill a lowly animal will someday Kill a fellow man.
So on this special day to Americans let the Animal revolution of Heart and Pen Begin.

The Animals of The Earth

Declaration of Independence
Courtesy of
Penny's From Heaven.

Thank you, Merrianne.


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