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On Valentine's Day, 2002, the "kids" of Cats & Pink Cadillacs attended the double wedwink of Zena and Stan and Scraps and Levi.
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Littlefoot takes a break from her duties as piano player and dances with her date, Baboo.

Bambi sets down her saxaphone and enjoys a stroll with her wink wink, Mr. BoJangles.

KeeKee and Mimi dream of their own wedwink, some day.

Sara has a major crush on Rufus and is just happy to be there with him.

After the festivities, KeeKee is proud to resume his duty as chauffeur for Zena and Stan.

All graphics courtesy of the Double Wedwink of Zena and Stan and Scraps and Levi. Click wedwink graphic for full list of credits.
All rights reserved. Copyright 2002 Cats & Pink Cadillacs.