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In case you can't recognize them, in their disguises, it's Littlefoot, Bambi and KeeKee. This is how they look when they are on an undercover assignment for the C.I.A. (Cat Intelligence Agency) You'll note that they also display their membership cards proudly!! Better not disturb them. It looks like they're on a mission!

Littlefoot, the Queen of Dana Point is small and quick! She can get into places that nobody would even suspect, to do her undercover work!

Bambi, the Darling of the Lap Set is capable of finding out secrets just by spending as much time as possible in a lap....listening to every word the humans speak! Nobody would ever suspect her of spying!

KeeKee is a natural born spy! He can jump higher than most cats, which gives him some great vantage points for observing everything that is going on....And he never misses a thing!

(This is one of our bestest disguises. Don't tell anyone, or it will blow our cover!!)

Many thanks, purrrsss and nose rubs to Mimi's Mom for helping us put on our disguises.

(Unfortunately, the C.I.A. has closed; but, the "kids" keep on spying!)