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(Part 3)

I believe that it is our duty, as human beings, to protect the animals that we share this planet with....and most of all, we must protect the animals that we share our homes with.
If you haven't read OUR STORIES I hope you will do so. Why was Bambi sick and homeless. Did a careless owner let her out to wander or be scared away? Was she just part of another litter that nobody wanted? And what about KeeKee? What was he doing in a filthy cage, in a petshop, before he was even 3 weeks old? Although their stories have a happy ending, most don't!
Please click the links and banners, below, to learn more about animal cruelty; and, to find out how YOU can help stop it!

But before you proceed, please click the American Flag to read the ANIMAL'S DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

Unfortunately, Simon also lost his battle for life, since this banner was made and posted. Please click the banner to read his story; and, please fight animal abuse with all you have in your power. Let there be no more such sad stories.

You can help!

Click this banner to find out who your congress persons are, and where to write, to express your concerns on animal issues.


Please click this banner, to generate an automatic donation to the care and feeding of feral cats.

Please read this heartbreaking story and see how you can help to punish a cold blooded killer.

Maddie was abused by her owners. Please click the banner to see how you can help.



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I Keep Their Memory Alive!

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