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Oh, say can you see,
that our eyes are so bright

How we swish our proud tails,
while we chase all of the mousies

Our soft fur flies so wild,
as with grace we take flight.

O'er the back yards we run,
behind all the nice housies.

We are cats and we're proud.
When we're mad we are loud.
Which just pro-oves to you.
That us kitties do rule!

Oh, say don't you all wish that you co-uld be so fi-ine,

In this la-and of the kitty and the home of the feline.

So, now can you see
That the cats' time has come

We will cha-ange the name
Of thi-is fine country

Oh how proudly we revolt
Against all other species

We will do nobody's bidding
We're cats (who are you kidding)

We will rule with iron paws
Clean litterboxes for all
Tuna and salmon in every bowl
Just proves that we've won

Oh, say can you hear us, meowing from every roof top
In this wonderful land, now called New Americat.