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Crazy For Cars Webring

If you love cars, you've come to the right place. This ring is for anyone that has at least one page about automobiles. This can include classic cars, race cars, street rods, sports cars, car parts, and even the family sedan!

There are some rules for joining the ring.

First of all, we would like to keep this ring family safe, so please do not submit any adult or X rated sites.
No sites that include any kind of abuse or racial hatred will be considered.
You must download either of the graphics, or use your own photo or graphic, if you prefer, as long as it is car related. No direct linking to my server will be allowed.


If you use the second graphic, you will need to change the name in the code to CRAZYCAM.jpg, as the code will read CRAZYCAR.jpg

The URL you submit MUST be the EXACT page where you post the ring. If you post the ring to a webrings page, then that is the URL to submit.
The only changes you may make in the code is to use your own photo or graphic.

Please fill in the form, below. You will receive your code by e-mail. Once you have posted the ring, please e-mail me, so I can review your ring and add your site. If you have any trouble, I will be glad to help you.

Please note: Sites will remain in the queue no longer than SEVEN days. If you have not posted the ring, within that time, your site will be deleted; but, you may apply again.

Attention AOL Members! Before downloading the graphic (or any graphics for the web) make sure to go to..Preferences, WWW, click on the tab that says "web graphics" and *remove* the check next to "use compressed graphics". Not everyone will be able to see the graphic if you do not do that first. I must be able to see the graphic, before I can add your site. Thanks :)

Submit site to: Crazy For Cars Ring
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Site Description:

Once you have posted the ring, it should look like this:


This Crazy For Cars site is owned by
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Thank you, Gail!

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