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Since Bambi is the Darling of the Lap Set....she is always on the look out for warm and cozy places to visit. See if your site makes Bambi feel at home.

Your site must be family friendly and viewable by all ages. Of course, no form of animal abuse will be tolerated.

To submit your site, please e-mail me with the following information:

1. Put the words BAMBI'S AWARD in the subject line
2. The name of your website or homepage
3. The URL of your site
4. If your site contains multiple topics, tell me the pages you want me to see.
5. A brief description of your site, and why it deserves to win this award.

I will try to visit your site within 5 days. And, if you are a winner you should receive your award within a week. You must download your award and save at your own server. I also ask that you link the award back to
so that other's may apply.
Please note: Sites that have "under construction" signs or messages will not be considered.


Mewpe's Award
for Saving Strays

Littlefoot's Award
for Charm And Beauty

KeeKee's Fun Site