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The following two awards came from one of my most favorite sites on the internet.

Please visit THE LITTERBOX for a wonderful variety of cat and dog pages, touching memorials, humor, webtv help, html advice, graphics and so much more. Best of all, you'll get a chance to meet our friend Baboo!
Thank you, Gail and baboo!

It is with great pride that I display the Keeper of the Stars Award, presented to me by those adorable BRAT CATS. This Award is for sites that promote animal rights and rescue. If you have a site like that you can apply for this award and join the Keeper of the Stars Webring!

This great award comes from
one of the "grooviest"
sites on the web. Take a nostalgic trip
back to the 50s and 60s with
Check out Mel's Diner and
the Drive In Picture Show.
Whether you remember these days,
or just wish you had been there,
you'll have a good time.

This is my very first award.
It was presented to me on November10, l998 for my cat pages, by P.A.W.S.
Check out their site for lots of free stuff for your pets.

I am very proud
to display this award
from GOLDIEMEOW'S Litterbox,
(a sister cat lover)
Whether you visit her site for fun
or information
be sure to see her
Creation of Pets page.

Many thanks to
for this beautiful trophy
If you want to experience
genuine family warmth
and spiritual inspiration
visit this web site

You'll be glad
you did.

This award came
from one of the best
auto racing sites on the web.
Go to
Meet her favorite
driver and many other
NASCAR drivers
You will find track information
and lots of interesting
racing links.

This adorable award comes from Ned and Alex. Visit these cuties at The CatNippers Page, and meet their Wink-Winks, Polly and Olivia Mewton-John! You will also find many links to other cat pages both for fun and information.

We were both honored and surprised, to receive this beautiful award from CATS-R-US, a non-profit rescue group, whose aim is "to ease the suffering of needy cats". Please visit this wonderful site, and meet some precious rescued furbabies.

Both of these awards were presented to me by the BRATCATSThis site is a must see for it's beauty, wonderful stories and pictures, and for tons of valuable information. You won't want to miss the story of the "RAINBOW BRIDGE".

Need to get away
from it all?
Spend a quiet
afternoon or an
entire weekend
Enjoy the lovely rooms
wonderful food
and drinks
And give Aneeza
a big hug
from me.

This award came from one of the most charming sites on the web
Visit GRANNY J and meet her adopted dragon, Rosie.
You might want to adopt one for yourself.

This awesome page award comes from DAVE'S MIDIS FOR WEBTV! If you're looking for music for your homepages or your e-mail - or just want to browse and listen, you will find an enormous collection of Rock and Classic Rock, as well as all kinds of other music here.

This award was presented to Littlefoot, Bambi and KeeKee by the WHITESHADOW KENNELS, home of the beautiful award winning Samoyeds pictured. Visit their site and meet the rest of the family.

I am very proud
to display this award from
A lovely site
devoted to peace and love
And one of the top
rated Award sites
on the Internet
A great place to visit

Visit the
For some great
off the wall humor
and tons of fun
Have a good time!

And yet another award
Don't forget to visit
and join
The White Horse
Peace Trail.





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