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The above two awards came from a truly delightful site where you can learn all you ever wanted to know about "Flittens"; and, you can meet the beautiful furry models that posed for the illustrations.
Thank you, Laura; and, hug those models for us :)

What a wonderful surprise it was to open our email and find this beautiful award. We feel honored to display it here. Petsburgh Stable is a great online community for all animal lovers with a lot to see and do. Please click the award to visit; and, see for yourself.
Thank you, Paula :).

We were most delighted to receive this award from two sweet furry sisters named Iris and Fern. To visit this lovely website, just click on the adorable award.
Thank you, Iris, Fern & meowmie Carla.

For Cats and Cat Lovers -
We are very excited about this award, as it comes from a new site that is dedicated to cat welfare and has just about anything you might want to read as relates to cats. If you love cats, this site must go on your "must visit" list.
Thank you ever so much :).

We were most surprised to receive this award from Mr. H.B. Katt (aka Honeybunch). Please visit Mr. Katt and learn all about him, his family and how he got his home.

Thank you, Honeybunch!

We display the above 2 awards with great pride. Although the Rainbow Cat Rescue website is fairly new, Mary and Lance Oliver have been rescuing stray and feral cats and kittens for over two years and have placed many in loving forever homes. Click on either award to visit Rainbow Cat Rescue; and, if you're in the area, consider adopting a rescued stray. Rescued cats make loving and grateful pets.
Thank you, Mary and Lance :)

Many thanks to Country Cool for giving us this very special award. Visit Cool's site for a delightful journey into her world of joy, love and inspiration. We are truly honored to display this lovely award :).

We are very honored to accept this award from a gal who has proven that one person CAN make a difference. Click the award to visit "Animal Awareness"; and, treat yourself to a great site with a wealth of information on animal welfare.
Thank you, Sevie

We are delighted to accept this adorable award from Coyote Jo's beautiful family website. We recommend a visit to these lovely pages. You won't be disappointed.
Thank you, Jo