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This precious award comes from our new friends, Mops and Pugs! For a real treat, visit HOME OF THE MOPSTER and let these two adorable furbabies show you around. There are wonderful pictures and information that every cat and cat lover should read. Don't miss the "Scawy Plain Wide" for one of the most amusing stories we've ever read. Watch as the Mopster teaches his little brother, Pugsly, everything he needs to know, from napping to eating!
Thank you Mops and Pugs, and meowmie Dust!!

What a lovely surprise this was; and, from a website that shares my two passions...cats and auto racing!! Visit 88 Girl's Dale Jarrett Fan Pagefor a variety of information on her favorite driver, NASCAR and, of course, cats! There is a lot more to see, and constant updates, as well, so be sure to bookmark for future visits!!
Thank you, Debbie!

This wonderful award was given to us, for promoting the adoption and care of strays, by our friend, Judy, in memory of her precious Bridge Baby, PRISCILLA, who was a stray herself.
Thank you, Judy.

We were more than honored to accept this wonderful award from The Cat's Meow, a site that is dedicated to the protection of all animals. You'll want to visit often, as you will always find the latest issues of concern to animal lovers.
Thank you, Liz and your beautiful furbabies!

We are extremely honored to be the very first recipient of this award from Krazy Cat Magic.Please visit our dear friend Ellie and meet the many cats that share her love and her home. This is a compilation of several wonderful websites where you will find valuable information on animal rights issues and an enormous collection of cat backgrounds, clip art, graphics and much much more. Ellie is truly a blessing to the animals and humans of the world.
Thank you, Ellie.

We were so happy to receive this award from the adorable Mr. Mooch. When you look at that sweet face, it's hard to believe he was once a stray. Hop aboard the Mooch Train for a lovely tour of Mr. Mooch's favorite places. Be sure to go to the Kitty Catnip Party, to see what the kitties have to talk about. This wonderful site is full of great information and fun for everyone. Don't miss any of it!
Thank you, Mr. Mooch.

We were both happy and surprised to receive this lovely award from Misty Ann and Her Friends.You can meet Misty Ann and all her fur siblings, on this beautifully prepared website. Misty Ann will even introduce you to her other furry friends. There are adorable pictures; and each furbaby will tell you a bit about him or herself. You will also find a lot of fun and informative links!
Thank you, Misty Ann and her Mom, Skye.

Another award from Skye and her precious furbabies.
Thank you, so much!!

This adorable award comes from Daisy's Universe where you will meet Daisy and her beautiful baby, Precious. They have a lot to see and many informative links to visit; and, we know you'll have a good time on this lovely website
Thank you, Daisy and Precious!!

We thank the adorable Furr Angels for this Too Cute Award. Please visit this wonderful website, devoted to bringing awareness of the plight of homeless and shelter animals to the public. There is something for all animal lovers here, from ways to help shelter babies to interesting articles concerning the welfare of cats and dogs. Be sure to bookmark this site, as it is being updated daily.
Thank you Coltrane, Alexia, Aimee, Brandy, Petey, and Zoe, the staff at Furr Angels!

What a delightful surprise this sweet award was. If you like carousels, you must visit Meg's Merry Go Round. Meg's site is just lovely, and fun for the whole family. Be sure to check out all the fun and informative links, while you're there.
Thank you, Meg.

What a very special honor it is to receive this award from my dear friend, Liz, who's website, The Cat's Meow, is devoted to cats and the welfare of all animals. Please visit Liz and her beautiful "girls" and treat yourself to a real pleasure.

Thank you, Liz.

Both the Cattitude Award, above; and Alley's Award, below, were a very special surprise from CARRIE'S CORNER Visit Carrie; and, meet her furbabies. There are lots of photos and poetry, free greeting cards, and lovely memorials for the babies that have gone on to Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you, Carrie.

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