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We were both surprised and honored to receive this beautiful award from MILLE'S HOMEPAGE.
Please visit this lovely website and meet the adorable Mille, a former shelter baby who now has a wonderful, loving home in Denmark. There are many interesting links to visit, as well.
Thank you, Mille and (mom) Aase!!

We were so happy and surprised to find this beautiful award from PUDDY TAT AND TIGGER in our e-mail!! When you visit this great website, you can read all the kitty cats stories from their own point of view. There are many pages of important information for all cat lovers, as well.
Thank you, Puddy Tat & Tigger and (mom) Sharon.

The next two awards come from a wonderful site called CREATURES OF THE ZELDA MOON

At CREATURES OF THE ZELDA MOONyou will meet all the furbabies, both past and present, as well as a tortoise and some really cool turtles that help rule the house. You will also find a great amount of usefull information, and pages and pages of fun things to do!!
Thank you, Michelle and furbabies!!

This adorable award comes from PJ AND KIRIANA (aka, the Pud), and was sent to us all the way from Australia!! At this lovely site, you will not only meet the Pud; but, learn some valuable information that she knows first hand. There are beautiful poems to read, precious pictures and animal rights issues to consider.
Thank you, PJ and the Pud!

Isn't Roxi adorable!! This very special award comes from Roxi and her mommy, and their very touching website. Please visit I WANT TO BE HOME and read about Barnabas, who is deeply missed and needs to be home with those who love him.
Maybe you can even help!

The next four awards were a wonderful surprise!

Meet Margie and her three beautiful furbabies, Sadie, Snickers and Candy at SADIE'S PLACEYou will find lovely stories and poetry, adorable kitty pics and a nice selection of free gifs. Check out Snickers' Clawssary; and, don't miss "A Deck Of Cards".

BREEZE'S WOODWIND ACRES has it all...from dogs, cats, birds, wolves and horses to rodeo and country music....and you will want to see it all! Please pay special attention to the Rescue pages, Animal Abuse and A Day At The Shelter; and, see how you can help save the animals. Thank you, Breeze, not only for the award - but mostly for what you do for the animals.

Wow! Look what Levi and Dusty sent us! You can meet these beautiful furbabies at FLO'S CAT PAGEMake sure you browse through Dusty and Levi's photo albums, for some adorable pictures. Then check out the Kitty Treats section for tons of fun and valuable information....and don't forget the pages of great links!!

The "kids" were so surprised to find this sweet award in their mailbox! The award of excellence was sent to us by
Gypsy Rose is not only a catlover, but a NASCAR fan, as well. Visit her site for a wonderful variety of interesting stories and links.

Meet the adorable Sassy at SASSY'S PURRFECT HOMEPAGE. Visit her Playroom; and if you help her find her lost toy, you will even get a reward!! Check out the darling pics; and while you're there, you can apply for Sassy's Award or even join her very own webring. Thank you, Sassy!!

The next three awards were presented to us by PYEWACKET'S HOME SITE
This site has so much to see! You might want to start by reading Pyewacket's Story, and visiting his furry siblings. There are many adorable pics and much valuable cat welfare information here, as well.

Thank you, Pyewacket!

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