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We were delighted and honored to be the first recipient of Chloe's very own award. Please visit Chloe and her purrgrams at ALWAYS LOVING CATS
There are many wonderful and beautiful things to see there; but, the best part is the love that shines through on each and every page.

This beautiful, purrsonalized award was presented to us by THE CAT'S MEOW HOMEPAGEwhere you can meet Liz and her furbabies, Chocolate, Chipit and Jasmine. There is a lot to see there. Liz and the "kids" have added a new page for people to post pics of their lost or missing pets, brought about by a recent scare, when Jasmine went missing for five days! Although Jasmine is safely home, others are not as fortunate.

We were pleasantly surprised and deeply honored to receive this "Dreams Come True" award from THE CATALINA ISLAND CATS! Visit this wonderful website and read about Island life. Meet the adorable furbabies whose dreams have come true. Learn about no-kill animal shelters and how you can help! There is so much to see and do here....this site is a must see for all animal lovers!

We we so happy when Miss Minnie presented us with her award. Meet Minnie, Mickey, Mushy and more beautiful furbabies at MINNIE'S MENAGERIE. While you're there, don't forget to visit the orphans; and, take a moment to see how you can "Help the Helpless".

SHADE TREE ANIMAL SHELTER is not "just" another shelter. While helping the animals, they also strive to educate the public on responsible pet ownership, the importance of spay/neuter and how to help put an end to pet overpopulation. Please visit this informative site and find out how you can help!!

This award is particularly meaningful to us, as it comes from a wonderful group of people, devoted to the rights of all animals. If you believe, as I do, that all animals have the right to be treated decently, and with respect, please join us at ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL.

This award was presented to us by the three adorable furballs who make up THE CAT FAMILY
Visit Tyson, Monty & Suki; and share their stories and adventures. You can also meet some of their furry friends.
While you're there, check out their "cat tested and approved" links!

This darling award comes from ALANIS FIRESTAR. If you are a teen, almost a teen, or have ever been a will want to visit this site. Meet Alanis and her friends; and, see the stuff that teens, today, like!

This adorable award came from one of the nicest family websites we've ever had the pleasure of visiting. We recommend a visit to BARBIE AND KEN'S PLACE, where you will meet the entire family....human, furry and even reptilian. There are cute pics and a lot of fun links. Bring the kids, bring the pets...and enjoy!!

These three lovely awards came from
Visit this site for a large selection of fantasy gifs and clip art. Then, check out the links for more fun and information!!

We were both surprised, and honored to receive these two wonderful awards from KITTEN KINGDOM.That is Aeriel and Jazmine, in the kitty condo! We hope you will visit these cuties, as well as their furangel sister, Sassy, whose award was given to us for our Memorial to Mewpe, our furangel.

Wow! Another surprise! Visit Jazzieyy and her family, both human and furry at JAZZIEYY'S HOMEPAGE You'll find some really good page building tips, and a lot of fun links. You might even want to play some games, while you're there!

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