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We were thrilled and honored to have received the following five awards from Mr. Chips Country, Sharif's Sundown, Queen Camille's Corner, Mr. Bojangles, and the lovely Simone! These sites are a "must see" for all animal lovers who are interested in the well being and protection of our furry friends. Please visit them all.

If you don't think spay/neuter is important, read these pages carefully.

The next award is particularly special to me.

When you speak of "kindness to the innocents" you would have to include my friend MMEOW, who is tireless in the rescue of strays. I am honored to display her award; and, I recommend that you visit MMEOW 'S PASSION and read her stories of kindness to innocents.

We are both sad and grateful to display this award, in memory of Muffin, who waits at the Rainbow Bridge. Visit Two Tuxedo Cats to see and read about Muffin's short life and learn more about FIP.

We were just tickled to receive this award from our friend Hope, since we are all members of her new Pampurred Princes and Princesses Club and Webring! If you're a pampered kitty, you can join too, and receive a beautiful, membership plaque! Just visit Hope and her Mom at Hope's Mom's Page and have a good time!

Our sincere thanks to the folks (and cats) at The Cat Collective. We can't begin to tell you how much there is to see here! With over 220 pages, and information on over 50 breeds of cats, not to mention the resident furbabies, you will want to bookmark this site to come back over and over again.

We were so happy to be the first recipient of this beautiful new award from THE CAT'S MEOW HOMEPAGE. We hope that you will visit Liz and her furbabies, Chipit, Chocolate and Jasmine. You will find some great pics, stories and animal rights issues. You can even send pics of your own cats for the Furball Gallery!

This award comes all the way from Blairsville, Georgia. Take a tour of this beautiful town, nestled high in the North Georgia mountains at Bubba Winston's Welcome To Blairsville. You'll be glad you did.

Many thanks to Kathy, at The Koffee House. When you visit this warm, friendly site, help yourself to a cuppa' and take the tour!

This beautiful award comes from the lovely ~ California Dreaming~ website. When you visit Pat and her furbabies, be sure to check out Twitsville, The Disney Page, all the wonderful family pages.....and take a tour of California's beautiful coast. Enjoy!

Thank you, so much, to Yuki for this beautiful award. Please visit PAT'S CATSand meet Yuki and her new baby brother, Keegan. Yuki's mom has loved cats all her life, including the ferals that she takes care of. Read about the ferals and check out the animal rights links.

This wonderful, custom made, award was presented to us by AYZHA'S ATTIC Ayzha has created a website that is so diversified, there is something there for everyone! From all of her animals, graphic pages, animals rights buttons, and, so much'll just have to visit this fabulous site and see for yourself!
And...who might just receive one of Ayzha's beautiful awards for your own page!

Many thanks to RUA GOODWITCH 2 for surprising us with this award. If you love poetry, you'll adore this beautiful site, filled with wonderful. original poems, each accompanied by lovely graphics. While you're there, don't forget to check out RUA's favorite causes.

Another wonderful surprise! This award comes from Dottie and Honeybunch; and, they will make you feel right at home at MY CABIN IN THE WOODS Whether you believe in Angels or not, you'll want to visit this lovely and inspirational site.

Teddie's Award is only available to those folks who's pets are spayed or neutered. Visit Teddie and all the other furbabies at THE LILLEY PATCH. Read Teddie's story, and visit the Shaid Tree Shelter pages, while you're there. These sites are devoted to the protection of stray animals!

This adorable award comes from LEE ANNS CAT CORNERMeet LeeAnn and the "girls", Precious, Mistic and Lucky. You can view their pics and read their stories. Visit the Animal Welfare pages and the Spay/Neuter page. Don't miss the link to William Tell's page! And...while you're there, check out LeeAnn's lovely backgrounds.

This awesome award was presented to us by AURA 2000 Visit this lovely site and enjoy the beautiful graphics and photos. Help yourself to a book off the shelves, kick back, relax and enjoy! Before you leave, don't forget to pick up a new Aura!





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