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It absolutely blew me away to receive this award from
This wonderful site is a MUST for all animal lovers. Read about the rescues....marvel at the true story of Ginny, the dog who rescues cats!
Learn about the NYCA and the Kings Rescue Shelter. (You will also find banners on my ANIMAL RIGHTS pages, linking to Diabella and her causes and rescues.) Don't miss this outstanding website!

Need help with
your htmls?
for webtv

is the place
to go.
Look for his
banner on my
HELP! page

I am proud to display this award from PET'ESCUE, a site devoted to the welfare and well being of pets. These pages are a wealth of advice and information for all pet lovers.

This award was presented to me
by the HOME AND HEARTH page
If you're looking for some nice
family warmth, visit this site
and make yourself at home.

Aren't they Cute?!!
Sassy's and Misty's award
was presented to us by
This is one of the most
entertaining and informative
sites on the web
Whether your interests include
Pets, Children or People
and the issues concerning them
this is the place to visit.

We were very happy when Stumper
presented us with this award
You can meet Stumper and
the rest of his furry friends
by visiting

While you're there, find out about the Singapore Kitties!

Your Site
Me Out!

Make yourself at home at fraXin's Homepage. Meet his kitties! ...And if you're looking for a kitty name, you will find the most extensive list of names imaginable. Thank you fraXin!

I proudly display TWOFACE'S award for Spaying/Neutering or sheltering strays. Please visit PENNY'S FROM HEAVEN for more information on how you can help!

I am enormously pleased
to accept his award.
It is Mr. Chips award
for sheltering strays.

If you don't think spay/neuter is important....then please visit MR CHIPS COUNTRY and read the stories on the first page..

Littlefoot, Bambi and KeeKee are very proud to display this award from MADAME ALTO'S CAT HOUSE!
And, speaking of fun....The Birthday Bash, The Kitty Training Academy and the cyber kittens for adoption, are a must see for all cat lovers.

The "MOLLY" PET Award 

for Excellence in
 Web Page design
 submit URL to:

You can click the MOLLY AWARD to see if your site qualifies! And while you're there, be sure to visit Molly's fun and interesting pages and links.

I am honored to accept this award, for helping animals, from TERESA'S CYBER HOME (with special appearances by the critters)

Meet Hasselhoff Burfoot and Sasha, and read their stories.
See the beautiful poems and story tributes to animals,
and the lovely memorial to Higgins.

This is Tigger's Lifesaver Award! Visit TIGGER'S CAT TALES to find out how to become
a lifesaver!
While you're there,
don't miss "Tigger's Soapbox"
... and, if you are a former
stray or shelter cat,
Tigger has started a club
...just for you!

Are you ready to
meet some
adorable kitties? This beautiful award
is from
where you can meet
furry friends,
and find some great links for cat information and fun!

This beautiful award was
presented to us by


where you can meet
and his friends.
There are lots of pics
to see and many links
to interesting cat sites.

We were thrilled to receive this delicious award, for website excellance, from Calskp's VIRTUAL VACATION Visit this beautiful site for a few moments of escape and relaxation, in Sunny Florida!

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