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` We hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful and joyous Holiday season. We have a few things to share with you, so pour yourself an eggnog, sit back and enjoy.


'Twas the week before Christmas and Bear and Boo and JJ and Magick just couldn't wait for Santa, so they came up with a plan to really SEE Santa in purrson. What follows is an adventure that takes them to some far-away places, with some pretty "far out" companions..

See it all as it happened, in beautiful detail at's_Christmas_Story_2011.htm


There is a new kitty in the internet cat community, and it is our pleasure to introduce you to her. Her name is Gigi, and if you don't want to reach into your computer screen and cuddle her, you are looking at the wrong page....:)). Meet Gigi in all her ball of fur glory, at


iIn the last issue of Purrs N Stuff we told you the sad news about Sweet Jordan going to the Rainbow Bridge. His meowmie, Nancy, has created a lovely page for him at Rainbo's Bridge, and we ask you to visit his page and share your memories in his guest book. Please go to


Phelicity, BamBam and Mewsette are three beautiful angels, singing together at the Bridge. Please see them and read their poem at


Phelicity also joins many of her friends at the Bridge. You will see many names that you will recognize and remember at and if you haven't seen Phelicity's Memorial page, follow the link at the end of the reunion.


Iat the mall)

Rufus: Wat mew fink we shud buys fur our meowmies?

Sara: Mebbe we shud buys dem sum flowers?

Rufus: No ways - mew wud eats dem all afore we effun got dem home!

Sara: How 'bout we buys dem sum candies?

Rufus: Dat purrably not a gud idear. Den dey wud blames us iffen dey gets fat - mewhehe

Sara: Wat 'bout sum new cloze??

Rufus: Is mew noze wat size mewr meowmie is wears?

Sara: Ummm..... hooman lady size?

Rufus: Mews, Sara, hooman ladies is all diffurent sizes!!

Sara: I smells fry chickies......

Rufus: Wat dat got to do wiff our meowmies?

Sara: Nuffin, I jess luff fry chickies, an I is a liddle bit hungries :)

Rufus: Okays, I gess dat a hint. Is mew noze where da fry chickies is?

Sara: Hmmm.... let me sniffs da air again. Okays, we has to goze to da end of da mall, turns leff, goze up a excatlator, goze to da rite an it jess a few stores down.

Rufus: Mew got all dat wiff sniffing da air?

Sara: Mewhehehe - no, silly, I has beed to dis mall afore........!!

(so, they go have their fried chicken and decide on the purrfect gifts for their meowmies)

Rufus: I gots it! Led's go get our pitchures took togeffur an makes a copy fur each of our meowmies!!

Sara: Dat purrfect........dat eggsackly wat we ken do.

(on Christmas morning, they each handed their meowmie a picture, in a beautiful frame, of the two of them, covered in breading crumbs and grease dripping from their whiskers....... but of course their meoemies loved it)


We wishes mew all a furry Meowy Chrismouse an a many Happies Mew Year.


Well, that's all for now. If you have a cat website or event, or an animal rights issue that pertains to cats, that you'd like to share, please send it to us at

Remember, happiness is a warm, soft ball of fur that loves you unconditionally. Unfortunately, there are not enough homes for them all, so please spay and neuter your cats; and, if you come across a stray, please try to help. A little food and a warm, dry place to stay isn't too much to hope for.

Many purrrss to you all,
Ellie & sweet Sara

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