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by Sara

Effuryone fink da desert jess a giant lidderbox. Well, mose a da time, it is, but in da Springtime it blossoms into a beautifur and eerie land of flowers and colors.

Chuck, my gud furrien an long time resident of the Back Fence Cat Club, took a ride with me into the Mojave Desert, and we would like to share some of it wiff mew..

(graphic of Sara and Chuck in the catillac)

We got across da mountain and purdy soon we started to see some of dese Red barrel cactus

Dey looked furry delicious, but meowmie tole me dat I cannut eats any cactus flowers.

  Good fing she packed us a big pic-nic basket cuz we were hungry by den, so we drofe a liddle more and came across these:

Dey call dis a Beaver Tail. We parked by it so we cud smell it while we eated. Sure did smell delicious - mewhehe, but I didn't eat any. Dese are so purdy dat I wanted to pick one to wear in my fur, but meowmie tole me da purrlice wud arress me if I picked any - still, it was tempting, but I guess if effuryone picked dem nobuddy else could see dem!

We saw lots of dese as we drofe. Dey called Saltbush Scrub.

Dey so purrdy dat it hard to belief dey is dries up in summer an den dey is tumbleweeds!

It wuz getting dark out, so we decided to start back, but all a sudden we seed dis!

We had to stop an take a picture cuz dis only bloom at night an da flower only stay fur one day! We wuz so lucky to see it! Dey call it da Queen of Da Night!

As we were leafing, Chuck said, "thinth we are tho lucky to thee dith beautifur flower, why don't we jeth keep going, on to Loth Vegath!!?"

Sooo....... on we went, but dat's a story for another time.