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My name is KeeKee; and, I is here to tells mew all about me. Some of mew alreddy noze me and noze dat I sumtime gets in many trouble; butt, dat wuz not always tru.

I really duzn't noze where I wuz borned; butt, I du rememfur liffin in a cage, in a dirty store, wiff sum bigger kitties. Da mean man da own da store wud put sum cat fude in da cage; and, all da bigger kitties wud eat it; butt, nobody effur teached me how to eat, soze, I wuz furry, furry hungry. See, I wuz onliest 3 weeks old, and I missed my meowmie!!

Den, one day, jess as I wuz about to giff up, diz nice man comed in da store an seed me. He aks da mean man "Hey, wat dat liddle kitty doin in dat cage?". Wells, da mean man say "Oh, he six weeks old". Wells, da nice man not belief him; soze, he buyed me! Yes, it tru. Da nice man, who beez my farfur, now, ackshually paid his toonas fur me; and, all he came in da store fur was fishie fude, fur his fishies...hehe

Da nice man (my farfur) putted me in his shirt pocket an taked me to da vet doctor to checks me out. Da vet doctor say dat I haff many flees an offur nasty stuff and tells my farfur to buys sum kitty furmula and feeds me wiff a baby bottle. Soze my farfur taked me home to my meowmie; and, she comb many many flees outta me and feed me wiff a dolly bottle!

Dis is me, sleeping in my farfur's hat. I shure cannut fit now!

Purdy sune affur dat, meowmie giff me sum hoomin baby fude, on a spoon; an, I learn to licks it up. Ackshually, it taste purdy gud, especially da turkeymeat kind. Nex fing mew noze, I starts to lap up my kitty furmula and effun eat da baby fude, all by myownself. Meowmie fink it time to giff me sum real kitty fude, soze, she giff me da can fude, like my sisfurs eat. Wen I seed dat, it remind me of da mean man, cuz dat wat he feed da offur kitties, in dat nasty cage; soze, I refuse to eat it. To dis day, I onliest eat da dry fude and my nightly snack of turkeymeat! I shure luffs my turkeymeat!

Affur da gurl kitties, dat alreddy liff here, figger out dat I here to stay, dey learn to like me, or at lease tolerate me. Mew see, wen I furse moof in, I fink mebbe one a dem beez my cat meowmie; soze, I alla time chases dem, luks fur milk! Dey not like dis furry many!!

Purdy sune, I decide dat I needs a job; soze, I becomed da toys manager. I takes my job furry serial, as mew ken see, in dis pichure.

See, it my job to makes shure I noze where all da toys is, all da time; and, I duz my job well!

Affur a while, I finded da bestest spot in da house, fur managing da toys. Meowmie say I da onliest kitty effur to finds dis spot.

Dis is me, on top da door atween da liffing rume and da bedrume. Frum here, I ken monitor da gurls and makes shure dey not take any toys dat belongs to me! I ken also see where I leff myown toys, too, jess in case I forget where I putted dem. It a win-win situashun!!

One day, I wuz jess luks fur sumfing to do, when I comed across a freshly thawed steak! Since nobody wuz eating it, I wuz fink it fur me.

Unfurtunately, jess as I sink my teef into it, meowmie come in da rume an say, "KeeKee, wat mew doing! Dat steak fur dinner". I wuz fink to myself, "wells, I wuz gonna eat it fur dinner"; but, I didn't say dat. I jess luk cute an not gets in any trouble. I shure wudda like to eat dat steak. Later, afore my farfur cook it on da barby q, he giffed me sum.

Affur dis, meowmie finked I need a new hobby; soze, she let me goze on da infurnet an meets offur kitties, jess like me... well, sum a dem like me. Sum a dem good alla time!! Dat no fun.

I haff so many fun on da infurnet; an', I make so many furriens, dat I decide to runs fur PURRSIDENT OF DA MEW UNITED STATES! I wudda winned, too, iffen not fur dat SCANDAL about da catnip. I swears dat I neffur inhale; butt, effun my bestest furriens not belief me; an', I haffed to concede. Mebbe I will try agin, sum day.

Affur dat, I reely starts get in trouble; an', mose da time, it wuz Ms Bitesy..... oops, I means Queen Bitsy..... dat catch me!

I join da TOMZRULE, fur boy kitties onliest; an' haff lotsa fun an' many advenchures. Ms Bitesy not likes dat furry many; soze, she challenge us to a ballsgame wiff her BITSY'S WHACKERS, da all gurls baseballs teem. We wuz purdy shure we cud beet dem; butt, we wanna noze for shure; soze, me an two a myown buddies diskize ourselfs to luks like gurls. We call ourselfs Keekella, Henrieta an' Sameena; an' we infurtrate da Whackers! Jess our luk, Ms Bitesy catched us an' maked us be cheersleader for dere team!! Oh, wat an empurrassment!

She effun maked us wear bazeers!!! I haff to admit, tho, the rest of dat baseballs game wuz so many fun dat it almose worth it...

Fings calm down fur a while; an', jess wen we fink dat dere mite be peace in da cat comunitee, Ms Bitesy did sumfing terrible! She lock up da founder of da Tomzrule, Nosey Parker, an' herown brofur, Sammey, in da castle tower.

Dere wuz onliest one way to rescues dem. Fanks to our furrien, Chuck da Woodchuck, Freya's pal at da BACK FENCE CAT CLUB, we wud digs a FREEDOM TUNNEL an' get our buddies outta dere!

Sense Chuck haff digged tunnels, effur sense he wuz a err.. a puppy... um err... a baby woodchuck (yeah, dat it), he lead da way; an, we start da bigg dig. We wuz doin great, til we comed across dis huge rock dat totally in our way. Wells, effun a eggspert tunnel digger, like Chuck, get stuck once in da while. Dere wuz onliest one fing to do. We need a gas eggsplosion to keep going! It wuz a gud fing I haff eated beans fur breakfass!

We all putted on our gas maks; an', I back up to dat big rock an' let 'er rip! Wen I dun, it not smells so gud in da tunnel; butt, dat bigg bad rock gone!

Effenchually, Ms Bitesy release NP an' Sammey; butt, it take many negotiates an' lotsa bribes!!

I haff many more advenchures an' gets in many trouble; butt, den I meeted da luffly an' talented Neek. It wuz luff at furse site; an', she honor me by becomes my wink! It tru - a beautifur lady cat luff me effun tho I not alla time gud!

Dis is me an Neek, on our way to a furry speshul Balentime dinner, in my pink cattilac.

See wat dat sign say? Yep, it say Turkey Supreme. I isn't noze who dat Wendy purrson beez; butt, my gess is dat muss beez da ultimate turkeymeat! Nuffin is too gud fur my beautifur Neek.

Wells, it wuz nice to mews wiff mew all; butt, now it time to eats; an' meowmie alla time say it not purrlite to mew wiff my mouf open.

Hope mew all haff a
wiff lotsa luff an' purrs
an' many TURKEYMEAT!!

Paw note: I isn't want mew to get da wrong idear. Iffen troof be telled, I reely luffed Queen Bitsy, furry many; an', I purdy shure she luffed me, too. We all misses her an' Auntie Doris..... sooooo many. Fings jess not da samest wiffout dem.

Fank mews:

The lovely Bonique (aka Neek) resides at Nancy's Feline Four

"Keekella" cheering was the creation of The Royal Artist at Queen Bitsy's Castle

Kitty Paw Lines courtesy of

For all other kitty graphics, thank you to Auntie Lois at The Back Fence Cat Club

All da photos is belong to me, KeeKee, at Cats and Pink Cadillacs