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Notes, KeeKee's turkeymeat nightmare:

It wuz a cold an raney affurnune. I wuz feels kinda lazies; soze, I wented to da furdigitater an ficksed myownself a bigg dish a turkeymeat.

(pic of Keek eating huge pile of turkeymeat)

Affur I eated da hole fing an maked a cuppla bigg belch, I wuz feels effun moar lazies; soze I sprawl out on da sofa an watches da telebishun.

Wells, I musta has dozed off fur a liddle wiles; cuz, all a da suddens, I waked up; and, dere wuz dis bigg birdie sits nex to me.

(pic of turkey wearing a bazeer).

I taked a betfur luk an seed dat it wuz wares a BAZEER!! I aks dis birdie wat he doing in myown house; and, he say, "Gobble Gobble". I aks him wat kinda birdie he bees; and, he says, "Gobble Gobble". Den I aks him wat his name bees; an, he says, "Gobble Gobble". By dis time, I is wondfur iffen he duzn't unfurstan kitty speak or iffen he jess plane rood!


Den Littlefoot comed in da rume an says, "Mews, KeeKee, wat dat bigg turkeymeat doing in da liffing rume?"

(pic of Littlefoot)

Jess as she says dat, da bigg birdie getted offa da sofa, pooped on da karpet, an say, "Gobble Gobble"
I wuz in shocks! I has neffur afore seed a turkeymeat wiff feaffurs all offer it; an, fur shure I has neffur seed a turkeymeat wares a bazeer!! Wiles I wuz fink alla dis, da turkeymeat luk me rite in da face an says, "GOBBLE GOBBLE"!!


I gotted askaird an starts to runs away furm it. I runned in da kichen an telled Bambi dat dere bees a bigg skairy turkeymeat in da liffing rume.

(pic of Bambi eating). She say, "No dere isn't. It bees rite ahind mew".

I luke ahind me; an, dere it bees.

(pic of Keek from the back, facing the turkey)

I jess manaje to gets pass it; an, I runs in da bedrume an tells Sara dat dere bees a bigg skairy turkeymeat in da kichen.

(pic of Sara)

She say, "Do it luks like dat bigg birdie dat ahind mew"?

I terned 'roun; an, dere it wuz! I aksed it, "Why mew chases me; an, why mew wares a bazeer?"

(same pic)

It jess sayed, "Gobble Gobble".


I runs pass it, into da dining rume an wuz surprize to sees Bitsy an Sheik Ollie Babble in dere.

(pic of Bitsy & the Sheik, eating pizza).

Dey wuz eats lobsfur peetza an telled me to stops run in da howse! I tells dem dat dere a bigg turkeymeat wares a bazeer an chases me. Dey luks aroun; an, da Sheik says, "Mews, KeeKee, I duzn't sees no turkeymeat. Mebbe mew haffed too many nipzbeers". Den Bitsy says, "Honestly, KeeKee, mew must do something to quell that overactive imagination of yours!"

I luk aroun; an, shure enuff, da turkeymeat noware to be seed. Cud I has imagine dis? No, coarse not. Littlefoot, Bambi an Sara all seed it.


Jess abowts den, I notiss dat Freya bees on da patio, smells da flowers an Chuck bees dere, eats da flowers.

(pic of Freya holding a flower and Chuck with one hanging out of his mouth)

I hears Freya says, "Chuck, yu is not appose to eats doze flowers - specially dat purple one!" Den Chuck says, "Oops ... liddle late now. Cud I haff dat yellow one, Fweya?" Den Freya says, "NO!!! And don't eat any more either."

I wented out dere an aksed dem iffen day haff seed a bigg turkeymeat wares a bazeer. Afore dey ken ansfur me, da turkeymeat jumped outta da lawndree rume an says, "Gobble Gobble".

(pic of turkey facing KeeKee)

I closes my eyes an skream reel lowd...HELPS..HELPS..HELPS!! I starts to run; butt, my feets not going anywares. Den I realeyes dat Freya an Chuck bees shakes me an says, "Wakes up, KeeKee, wakes up".

I opens my eyes, jess a liddle bit, an dere bees my meowmie. She says, "KeeKee, mew musta hassed anofur nitesmare". I opens my eyes a liddle more an sees my sisfurs. Dey is all luks at me wiff catfused eggspreshuns. I opens my eyes all da ways, shure dat da turkeymeat stills dere; butt, I duzn't sees it. I runs all fru da howse. No turkeymeat. I luks on da patio. No turkeymeat. Not onliest dat; but, I duzn't sees Bitsy an da Sheik or Freya an Chuck.

Cud dis has jess beed a dreem? No ways!! It wuz too many reel!

I aksed dem iffen dey seed a bigg turkeymeat wares a bazeer. Meowmie says, "KeeKee, mebbe mew shudnt eats so many turkeymeat afore mew takes a nip".

Dat wen I realeyes dat my sisfurs all bees laffing. My meowmie effun bees laffing.

By now, I node I cuds neffur makes dem belief me; soze, I smack da Littlefoot, maked a meen face at da Sara and sniffed da Bambi's butt. Den I gode in da kichen, eated all dere fude, maked a bigg fartz..... an wented to bed.


NOT A NIGHTMARE........The way it was written calls for a real turkey and ends up being another of Keek's nightmares; but, what we can do is change that to an ending where Beau pulls off the costume and lets Keek know it's not a real turkeymeat that's been following him around. In fact, all the other kitties can be laughing, cuz they were in on the joke!!