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This first section is just page and story ideas. I'll do dialogue for each page, when we know how many kitties are coming and who is on which page. OK?


First scene.... a few of the boys arriving at the airport. Buddee picking them up and asking them how their trip was. We don't need an actual airplane, unless you already found one. This conversation could be between Buddee and any of the boys that are coming.

Scene in front of hotel. Buddee, Biggie, KeeKee & Chuck. This is where they see the koala bear and ask Chuck if it's one of his relatives...

Party room inside. We can use this room over and over. This is where the Furrsters sign would go, if that's OK. Biggie and KeeKee can give a little speech for Bandit.

Next scene (same room?). All the food and drinks is put out and the boys are beginning to party. Same room, different boys, etc, etc, until we include all of them, as if it's different sections of the room or the boys are coming and going.

One scene in this room, I have an idea for Billy and Jordan. E.T. said something to Jordan about smoking cigars; and, I think it would be funny if E.T. and some of the other big boyz give cigars to Billy & Jordan. They're both still babies, one year olds. LOL

One scene with the cake and Bitsy. It could be the same room or a different one. The cake is half eaten and Bitsy is busily finishing it off... Is that a hard graphic to make?

Maybe same scene, or seperate scene. Cookie, Elizabeth QEII & Bambi are strippers but too lazy to dance and want to just eat cake with Bitsy.

The three girls on a stage, just standing still, one of the boyz says they're suppose to dance; and, they all say they're hungry, or we thought we were here to eat, something like that. Then Biggie or KeeKee could say something like, "dat's okays, we haff a effun bigger surprize" and the next page is Bitsy eating the cake and the other three girlz on the side, about to approach the cake......or whatever... LOL

A final scene with Biggie and KeeKee helping Bandit out to a car or taxi, cuz he's had too much nipz.


You decide how many boys to put on each page; and, if you have any other ideas, let me know. I know nothing about making graphics. If any of these ideas has to be changed, b/c of graphics, that's fine with me. You're doing the hard part :).


List of tomz:

Biggie Fries
Sammy da Pimp


Gurlz getting in trouble:

Elizabeth QEII


Groundhogs: LOL



airport.jpg ob course is ware sum ob da kitties is flyin intu town and Buddee beez pickin dem up.....

announce.jpg cud be used fur toastin Bandit, announcin da strippers, and announcin da cake surprise.....

cigars.jpg is ware ET and NP are giffin ceegars tu da younguns

koala.jpg is ware Chuck is catpared to a koala

lazystrippers.jpg is fat lazy sisfurs......

poolroom.jpg is cuz I fount dat picher and tot it wud be neet....MOL!.....

stripperseatcake.jpg is Bitesy snarfin down da cake.....

and taxi.jpg is a soused Bandit bean carried out tu a taxi!


On da airport picher, da kitties is , l to r, Buddee, Royal, Calvin, and Rufus.

  On da announce page is sum cat name KeeKee and anudder weirdo name Biggie Fries.

  On ceegars is, in klokwise order startin wiff da joggin soot is NP, Billy, ET and Jordan.

  In koala is Chuck, Buddee, KeeKee and Biggie Fries.  But I gess you knoed dat one alreddy!



Biggie: As purrmised, we has hire purrfeshunal dance gurlz fur mewr enfurtainmend.

KeeKee: Soze, pulls up mewr chares an feest mewr eyes!!


Lazystrippers is dem nutty tomz agin and my fat lazy stinky dum sisfur Cookie, and you know da udders.


Cookie: Mewsss gurlz. Dis knot any funs. I was fink we here to eats!

Elizabeth QE2: Oh, Cookie, da fun in da dancing. Watches me. (swirl, jump, twirl)

Bambi: I too many hungrees to dances. Wen duz we eats?

Biggie: Keek, doze is myown date fur da wedink, Lizbeff, an ourown sisfurs!! How dis happen?

KeeKee: I duzn't noze. I jess luks up "dance gurlz" in da telefone buk an dis wat I gotted.

Biggie: Wat we gonna tells da guyz? Dey wuz eggspeck sum hoochie-coochie.

KeeKee:, mebbe our nex surprize wills be betfur.



Biggie: Sorree abowt da dance gurlz, guyz; but, we has sumfing effun bigger an bedder fur mewr enfurtainmend.

KeeKee: Iffen mew all luks at da stage, sumfing gonna "pops" right up; an, we finks mew wills likes it!!




  On da pooltable, l to r starting wiff da dude in da red pantz is Frenchie, Clancy, Jordan and da gess ob onner, Bandit.



  On da cake page is dose dum fat sisfurs again (cept Lizabeff, she knot fat, she fluffy - since I iz datin Lizabeff I haff tu be nice) and Bitesy  But I gess you know dem, tu!


Biggie: Oh noze! Dis a disasfur!!

KeeKee: Mewsss Bitesy, mew appose to jumps outta cake.....not eats cake!!

Bitsy: Well, boyz, if you had given me a snack, instead of making me wait inside that hot (yet delicious) cake, I might not have been so despurrate.

Biggie: Mewsss Bitesy... we telled mew dat sune mew jump outta cake, dere beez many fude fur mew.

Bitsy: But that was hours ago, my dear boy!

KeeKee: Hours ago? Dat wuz 15 minit ago!

Bitsy: Wells, you wanted it to be a surprise; and, I would say it was quite a success. Just look at the surprised looks on efferyone's face.

Elizabeth: Mewss gurlz. Bitsy shure rite abowt one fing. Dis cake many delishus.

Cookie: Mmmm...mumff...munch

Bambi: Yummm....slurp...burrrpppp


And you knoe dem krazy katz in da taxi seen!

Biggie: Hay Keek, duz mew fink Buddee seed us carries Bandit out?

KeeKee: I shure hopes knot. We wuz appose to beez keep eye on Bandit an knot lets him getted dis many nipzed.

Biggie: Mebbe we shuds goze bak to hotel wiff him an makes shure he wake up in times fur hisown wedwink.

KeeKee: Dat a gud idear, Big. Mebbe we ken order sum rume serfiss to brings lotsa hot milk.

Biggie: Wat da hot milk fur, Keek?

KeeKee: Wells, da wen da hoomins has too many nipz, dey is drinks lotsa hot coffey. Sense we dusn't likes coffee, we gets da milk.

Biggie: Gud idear. Now, hep me gets him into dis taxi. He shure more hevvy den he luk.




Buddee: Welcomes to Awstralia! How wuz mewr trip?

Royal: Mewsss Buddee, it wuz grate. I seed lotsa watfur an clowds.

Calvin: Mewss Royal. Mew musta sleeped fru da bestest parts. I sum crockygators; an' dey shure luks meen!!

Rufus: Dat nuffin, Calvin. I seed Stefe Urwin catches sum crockys.

Buddee: Oh Rufus, dere no wayz mew cuds seez who beez who frum up dere.

Calvin: I fink Rufus wuz dreams.

Royal: I noze he was dreams. I heared him snores!

Rufus: Furse da all, I duzn't snores; an, I is shure dat I seed Stefe, cuz I readed his mouf an he saying "Crikey".

Buddee: Mewss Rufus. How many nipz did mew has on da airsplain?

Rufus: Wells, I did has a few.

Calvin: I cud goze fur a nipz or two.

Royal: Yeah, I gess I kinda firsty. How is we gets to our ho-tell?

Buddee: Foller me. I has rents a limbozine!!



Chuck: O boyth, Buddee, that thure lukth like a fanthy ho-tel.

Buddee: Onliest da bestess fur my furriens!

KeeKee: Hays, Chuck, is dat beez mewr date fur da wedwink?

Biggie: Yeh, Chuck, wat her name?

Chuck (looks behind him): Eek! I neffur thaw her before! Wat ith dat?

Biggie: Mew mean she knot wiff mew?

KeeKee: Mebbe she Chuckie's sisfur...MOL

Buddee: Hehemewmewmew! Dat a koala bear!! Dey lotsa dem in Awstraylia.

Biggie: Wowsa! A Cola bear? It shure duzn't luks like doze bigg wite bears in da Coca Cola commershuls.

Buddee: I sayed koala...ko-ah-lah...not Coca Cola!

KeeKee: Wells, now dat I seez it betfur, I gess it duzn't luks like one a Chuck's relatiffs, eiffur.

Chuck: A courth it not one a my relativth! I ith a groundhog. I duthn't luk nuthin like dat! I ith inthulted!!

KeeKee: I sorries, Chuck. Mebbe it jet lag.

Biggie: I sorries, too. I fink we needs a nap afore da Catchelor Pardy.

Buddee: Comes along guyz. I heps mew gets chek in mewr rumes.

Chuck: Mumble, gripe, da nerf uf dem, to athothiate me wiff dat funny luking whatever bear, grumble, grumble!!




KeeKee: Welcomes, buds. As mew all noze, dis pardy in honor a our gud furrien, Bandit. Sense it his lass nite a freedum, we jess wants to makes it speshul fur him. Biggie has rote dis furry speshul toste; soze, raze mewr nipz to our pal, Bandit.

Biggie: (toast)

KeeKee: We has fude, enfurtainmend an purrlenty a Furrster's Nipz; soze, gets reddy to PARDEEEEE....



Frenchie: Sacre bleu, I hasn't purrlayed pool in sech a long time.

Clancy: That's ok, it wills comes bak to mew. Do mew wants to brake?

Jordan: Waits guyz. I has neffur purrlayed pool afore. Wat deze bigg sticks fur?

Bandit: Wells, Jordan, dis rume reely fur growed up tomz; butt, sense mew a kewell kitten, we wills teaches mew.

Frenchie: Oui, mon petit Jordan. Mew takes da bigg sticks an makes da balls goze into da holes in da table.

Clancy: Butt, mew duzn't makes da kew ball goze in da holes.

Jordan: Dis furry catfusing. Why we cant's jess puts all doze purdy balls on da floor an purrlays wiff dem?

Bandit: MOL Jordan. Mebbe it beez betfur iffen mew goze finds Billy an purrlays kitty games wiff him.

Jordan: Dat a gud idear, Bandit. Mebbe nex yeer, wen I is 2, I ken lerns dis game.



Charlie: Oboys, dat fude shure luk gud. I glad I bringed my appurrtite.

Murff: Heys, Charlie, wat mew bringed mewr camfura fur? Mew gonna takes pichure a dis fude? Mebbe mew shuds take pichure a Sammy in hisown fancee cloze...MOL.

Bentley Marlow: Long as he knots take no pichure a me gets in trubble. Somehows all doze pichures make dere ways to Bitesy; an, she show effurykitty!!

Charlie: Dont's werries Ben, I knot a spi!! On da offur paw, mebbe a pichure oar two a Sammy, fur purrsterity.

Murff: Mebbe he dress likes dat an brings da dance gurlz. I wondfur iffen he glow in da dark.

Sammy: OK, youse guyz, dat enuff. I onliest wares deze cloze cuz Bitesy maked me. She frowed alla my offur cloze aways; butt, I finks I luk kinda kewell!!

Bentley Marlowe: Yeah, Sammy, mew da bomm. (NOT!)

Charlie: Heys, I gotta idear. Let's eat!!

Murff & Ben: Grate idear!!

Sammy: I reddy fur dat. (to himself - gud, long as dere moufs full, dey cant's mew abowt my cloze).



Sheik Ollie Babble: Ahhh...It shure a nice break to get aways frum all doze wimmins dat always chasing me.

Fernando: I feelz many dignafurred wiff dis tabelcloff on my hed. Fanks for loans dem to us, Ollie.

Davy: Yeah, Ollie, deze tabelcloffs beez kewell. Iz dat how mew getted 22 winks?

Sheik Ollie Babble: Shhhh, Davy. I hearded dat Bitsy beez here. She fink she da onliest one.

Bandit: Hey guyz, izn't dis a grate pardy? I cant's belief dat by dis time amorrow, I wills beez wedwinked to my luffly Pinkie.

Sheik Ollie: Mew a lucky tom, Bandit. (to himself - I cant's effun imajin beez winked to ONE gurl, fureffur an fureffer.)

Fernando: Dat make me so many happies dat I cuds jess sing! Laaaaaaa, la la la, laaaaaa!

Davy: Ferny, catrol mewrself. All da offur guyz gonna beez here sune. Donut empurrass us!

Bandit: Oh, dat okays iffen he sing. I feelz like sings myownself! Me, me, me, me, me.

Sheik Ollie: Davy, let's go seez wat da offur guyz is due.

Davy: Gud idear, Ollie.....we is outta here!

Bandit: Me, me, me....

Fernando: Laaaaaa, la, la......



Buddee: Hey, Mac, I iz reely glad dat mew cuds makes it here.

Dragon: Me, too, Mac. Wat it likes at Rainbow Bridge?

Mac: Oh, it jess wonderfur. Effuryone alla times happee; an, I has seed sum kitties dat mew awl noze, here.

Shamus: How did mew gets to dis pardy? Duz mew has to gets speshul pass, or purrmishun to beez wiff us?

Mac: Oh, no. I is always wiff mew. Jess mose da times, mew cant's seez me.

Buddee: Mewsss Mac. Is doze wings heffy? Ken mew reely flies?

Mac: Deze wings lite as a feaffur; an, I duzn't has to flies. I jess clozes my eyes an beez wareffur I wants to beez.

Dragon: How comes we ken seez mew, now, Mac?

Mac: Dere's no wayz I wuds misses a gud pardy...MOL

Buddee: Wells, let's goze tell all da offur guyz dat mew here. Dey gonna beez many happies!!


(assuming that this is the next to last page, right before where the boyz are carrying Bandit out to the taxi)

Biggie Fries: Wowsa, all da fude! I is so many fulls dat I cud jess (farttttzzzzz). Oops, I sorries, guyz.

Chuck: Eww, Biggie, dat ith groth!!

KeeKee: Pee-uuu! Dey gonna has to furmigate dis rume afore dey ken uses it agin.

Bandit: Mew guyz shure is gud pals to makes dis pardy fur me. Uh-oh, I finks I haffed too many nipz. I gets dizzies iffen I stands up.

Bandit: Wells, Bandit, it mewr lass nite a da freedum; soze, it unfurstandsable dat mew haffed a few.

Chuck: I thaw him haff more den a few. Lath cownt, he wuth up to theventeen!

KeeKee:, er, I means Seffunteen! It a wondfur he knot frowed up!

Bandit: I fink dat mite beez a furry reel purrsibility.

Biggie: I gess da pardy is offur. We betfur gets him outta here.

KeeKee: I helps mew, Biggie.

Chuck: Wells, if mew guyth hath dith undfur control, I fink I willth go bak an thee dat koala bear agin. I kinda curiouth abowt dat fing.

Biggie: Okays, Chuck. Has furn.

KeeKee: Biggie, mew grabs a end an I wills grabs da offur end. We gets Bandit home afore Pinkie find out abowts dis.


CEEGARS PAGE (I only hope I can do this hilarious graphic justice).

E.T.: Ahhh, nuffin likes a gud ceegar afur a bigg meel.

Jordan: Cough, cough.

Nosey Parker: Heys, E.T., duz mew fink it a gud idear dat we giffs deze babies sech bigg ceegars?

Billy: Cough, cough.

E.T.: Oh, I furgetted dat day all free onliest one years old.

Nosey Parker: Wells, I appose dat sense dey old enuff to beez Tomzrule memfurs an goze to Paddy's wiff us, dat it beez okays. How ya doin', Max?

Max: Cough, cough.

E.T.: Hey, mew kittens, mew isn't inhales, is mew?

Jordan: Cough...coarse we inhales. We knot..cough, cough, choke...babies!

Nosey Parker: Oh noze, mew knot appose to inhales deze bigg ceegars. Mew jess saffur da delishusness a dem.

Max: mew tells us!! Cough, cough, gasp.

Billy: I jess...cough...hopes Bandit duzn't seez me an...cough, cough, choke, gasp...tells our meowmie!



Biggie: We is heres to selebrates da upcomes wedwinking of our gud bud Bandit, to da luffly an charmings Pinkie.
We wishes dem many yeer a da wedwinked bliss, dat dere cubberds alla times be full a fude an' treets, dat dere nipz alla times beez furresh, dat dere toyz alla time knot gets losted; an' mose da alls, dat dere luff lass nine lifetimes.

Liff mewr nipz an tostes to da Bandit, a tru tom an a gud furrien to alla us.

All: To Bandit!!

**************** (what comes before and after this is above, under ANNOUNCEMENT/WELCOME PAGE. I think that's it. This was so much fun!!)